Car brand BMW as worked with the US Paralympic group to make a hustling wheelchair that they claim to be both speedier and more agreeable than past models.

The DesignworksUSA group at BMW worked with the competitors to make a more streamlined seat that they guarantee shaves of 15 for every penny of the drag amid hustling.

Despite the fact that initially it seems, by all accounts, to be much the same as more seasoned models, the group made unpretentious acclimations to the wheelchair including the utilization of carbon fiber and little precise changes to the edge.

“With cycling, bike manufacturers can make bikes for the Tour de France and know there’s a massive enthusiast market out there that will buy bikes, too,” associate director Brad Cracchiola told Fast Company.

“But it doesn’t translate [with wheelchair racing, so you don’t get companies investing in innovation for racing wheelchairs.”

“Everyone has basically the same chair from different brands,” he continued. “But we’re looking to really help these athletes maximise their performance.”

“It’s not necessarily a revolution for these guys, but you want to give them every little edge.”

In the first place, the configuration group checked one of the competitors sitting in his seat. From that point, they built up a mechanized model that could recreate changes in optimal design, and discovered that around 50 for every penny of streamlined features can’t be adjusted as the drag originates from the competitor’s body.

They made an edge from carbon fiber that, albeit comparative in weight to a standard aluminum outline, it is essentially stiffer and in this manner acts as a superior safeguard.

The firmness of the carbon fiber likewise attempts to keep the wheels straight.”If you’re skiing, when you go parallel, you go fast. If you snow plough, you slow down,” said Cracchiola. “We found with very small changes with anything out of alignment, you immediately start seeing speed-scrubbing. Even the smallest bit of alignment matters.”

2016_Summer_Paralympics_logo.svgThe team also looked to improve the chair’s ergonomics, and scanned each US Paralympian so that the chairs can be fully tailored – something Cracchiola says is as much a psychological benefit as it is physical.

Using the measurements, the team will create a form-fitted seat from a mould, and the athletes will also receive custom-made gloves.


“There’s an interesting psychology to all of this,” he said. “The comfort of your equipment, the repeatability – when you have that mould, you know how it’s going to feel every time. That’s one less thing for them to think about.”

This year’s Paralympic games takes place from 7 August to 18 September in Rio de Janeiro, a month after the Olympic games.



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