Smartwatches accompany cerebral pains of their own. Stashing sensors inside a watch that looks generally ordinary? Presently we’re talking. In particular, for this situation, we’re discussing the Garmin Vívomove.

The Vívomove may not be the primary action tracker to take on the appearance of an ordinary simple watch, nor is it the first to incorporate an accent mark in its name—the Withings Activité beat it to both punches. In any case, that is OK! Stylish watches that number steps are a consistent structure element towards which movement trackers could develop, however for that to work we require them in whatever number shapes, sizes, and faces as would be prudent. A more astute watch ought to be feasible without yielding individual style. Something else, what’s the point?

The Vívomove takes into consideration some of that personalization all alone. There are five accessible case completes—dark, white, stainless steel, gold-tone, and obviously climbed gold, rose gold everything—alongside an assortment of straps. Contingent upon your inclination, you’ll pay anywhere in the range of $150 to $300, in addition to $30 to $60 for additional groups.

That indicates an OK piece of progress, yet even at the top of the line it isn’t so much significantly more than you’d pay for a similar watch that exclusive tallied its own particular tick-tocks rather than yours also. At the low end, it’ll cost you fundamentally not exactly a Fitbit Surge, and about the same as Garmin’s own particular thick wristband Vívosmart HR.

Also, here’s the other thing: Garmin makes better than average action trackers. The Vívosmart and Vívofit have for quite some time been among our top choices. Its past wound at a watch-like plan, the Vívoactive, experienced attempting to resemble an Apple Watch while as yet acting like a Fitbit. In any case, exchange some of those same smarts over to a beautiful simple bundle, and you have yourself something extraordinary. Or if nothing else, something that won’t pull in the wrong sort of consideration.

A Different Spin

The Vívomove isn’t the most element stuffed action tracker; there’s no heart-rate screen here. It fundamentally watches your strides and how you rested, and bugs you when you’ve been latent too long. Indeed, even that, however, it does refreshingly. A bar on the left half of the watchface unpretentiously tops off as you approach your objective, while another on the right tells you when you’ve been dormant too long. It’s the notorious heavenly attendant and fallen angel on your shoulder, with the exception of on your wrist, and battling about your wellness levels. It’s likewise water sufficiently safe to withstand the shower or a swim (despite the fact that watch it with that cowhide band, boss), and matches up with Garmin programming for keeping more granular tabs on your moves.


The best part about the Vívomove move, however, is that regardless of the possibility that it’s not to your taste, it’s most likely to someone’s. Watches don’t should be completely “savvy” to be helpful, or attempt to fit some digitally determined tasteful. They can be the watches we as of now wear and love—only somewhat more attentive.


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