What’s terraform? What’s the relationship with fashion? One of famous fashion designer applied this concept into fashion, isn’t it interesting? Check this out!


Iris van Herpen, a Dutch fashion designer inspired by ‘Total Recall’ movie that explained about terraforming on Mars made her fall collection this year. Terraforming means hypothetical process that modifies the biosphere (atmospheric, temperature, surface topography or ecology) of other planet to be similar to Earth, so it can be inhabited by human.

Through her collections, van Herpen actualized terraform concept, which are abstract and not understandable into reality. “The whole concept of terraforming started in science fiction, but it has become a reality,” said van Herpen after the show.


“Hacking Infinity” was what Iris van Herpen called her show, is a fall ready to wear 2015 collections for woman. Her fashion show was held in Paris on March 10th 2015 at the Palais de Tokyo. This collection used a combination between stainless steel in the warp and silk in the weft, producing fine, fluid dress silk.


The process to transformed stainless steel and silk into a beautiful fluid dress silk is interesting. Iris van Herpen said she created this collection only by fire and there is no painting at all. “We created a really thin metal reef from stainless steel, and we literally melt it with fire, burning it, and we decide the amount of heat. This is all hand burnt, so each color that you see is done by fire.”


Iris van Herpen and team used 3D Systems concept for this “Hacking Infinity” collections. This collection is a combination between traditional handwork techniques with modern day digital technology, such as 3D printing and laser cutting. She collaborated with the Canadian professor of architecture Phillip Beesley to actualize this 3D collection and Aleksandra Gaca for fabrics and materials. For the shoes, she also collaborated with Japanese shoe designer, Noritaka Tatehana to create 3D-printed translucent crystal clusters and laser-cut leather.


Iris van Herpen succeeds to actualize what is called Science fashion. She used stainless steel, one of the metal products as material for her collection and then combined it with silk and 3D printing method to actualize her brilliant idea of terraforming concept. She sees technology from a very different perspective and used it as a creative tool.

So, you’ve known that stainless steel can be part of fashion too, right?

Same as previous articles before, steel can be used for lots of products in different kind of fields, like steel string in music, thermal cooker for innovation, and for a beautiful dress like in this article. Shanghai Metal Corporation which is based in China is one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metalworking industry. We can produce and export the best quality of steel and other metal products and service. We prioritize the efficient of manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

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Ardelia Sassie/SMC Editor


SMC Поможет Прокачать Машину!

Настроение человека зависит от многих факторов, порой даже малейшая деталь способна раскрасить черный в красный! На улице зима…холодно и грязно, настроение испаряется также быстро как влага в жаркий день, люди ходят угрюмые и мрачные мысли не покидают голову (еще бы при такой-то ситуации в стране). Но как говорится “Спасение утопающего, дело рук самого утопающего!” .


SMC представляет вашему обзору подборку лучших тюнингованных машин и надеется, что эта статья поднимет ваше настроение!

1.  Не понятно кто водитель, но то что он живет в другой галактике это точно! 


2. Помните улицу Сезам? Первым делом при виде картинки всмопинается детство и кукольный театр, не только весело вести машину, но и рукам тепло!

Tuning_113. Нью-Йорк город больших возможностей, бескрайних надежд и оргомных колес на такси…

Tuning_074. Такому “зеленому” позавидовал бы сам Крокодил Гена! 

Tuning_245. Ох не знаю не знаю, но этот Супермен подозрительно смахивает на нашего президента…


6. Красиво, ярко и так по-новогоднему! 


Зарядились позитивом? Появились идеи как украсить своего железного друга? Воспользуйтесь нашем спрейем для тюнинга машин.

SMC  одна из крупных компаний в Китае по работе с металлургией, руководствующаяся широким списком потребительских услуг. Для получения более детальной информации посетите наш сайт или отправьте заявку, наш персонал всегда рад помочь вам с выбором продукта! Не забывайте также читать нас в социальных сетях или воспользуйтесь новинками интернета, просканируйте QR code ниже.



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Love Interstellar? Know more about aerospace

space 5New movie era is coming! People tired from a stupid blockbusters, movies which doesn’t consist with at least a small idea ,  they are really looking forward to learn more about space…unblock all the secrets that are hiding in our big world, get a knowledge about cosmos,  they are in need to know that it’s not only us in this boundless universe.  It’d been started from a Star War… Galactic Civil War…Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader…fascinating! And recently Avatar, John Carter, Gravity,   Guardians of the Galaxy and this year Interstellar and who knows what  the future movie industry will show us…

It’s always amazing to learn something new…and I’m going to tell you about real product which is commonly used in our world!

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic machines smc41-


What’s more exciting that Hydraulic press is widely used in aerospace, automotive, appliance, hardware, coinage and other production industries. The machine frame is entirely welded with steel plates, compare with the common machine. This machine has high rigidity and precision. The machine is fitted with Siemens HMI screen, and accurately controlled by the main system. Accurate magneto strictive position sensors and pressure sensors. Shanghai Metal Corporation is renowned for providing superb quality and assures the best performance of Hydraulic machines at all times.

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Charge Your Phone with 3D-Printed Jewelry

Solar panels on our houses’ roofs are pretty normal nowadays. As a modern trend is to follow everything what is eco-friendly and sustainable, the idea of jewelry that can charge your phone or mp3 players seems to might have a success.

SOL collection of jewelry collects and stores the energy when it is worn in the sun. Then it creates the alternative way of charging small devices for example as your phone. Design of this jewelry is inspired by Islamic patterns and art. Each piece of jewelry has a slot for a solar panel unit that  has a USB slot used for charging devices. This collection of jewelry is created by using 3D printed steel and some plastics. (via Inhabitat)

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers customers printing machine and various types of steel or metallic coated steel. For more information visit our website or send us inquiry. Download a new application by scanning QR code below or follow us on Social Media.



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Print what you want!

Cylinder Seal

The history of printing goes back to early Mesopotamian civilization before 3000 BC when round seals were used for rolling an impression into clay tablets. It was an amazing and one of the most important inventions in human history. People like reading books, newspapers or magazines and despite the fact that nowadays‘trend is to make everything online and to use just smart phones, tablets or computers, we love to “touch paper” and see impossible things becoming possible.

   This brings us to 3D printing, “printing future”. For those who are not very familiar with what 3D printing actually is, here is the short explanation. Three-dimensional printing is a method of converting a virtual 3D model into a psychical object. 3D printing is a category of rapid prototyping technology. 3D printers usually work by “printing” successive layers on top of previous to build up a three dimensional object.

3D printer constructs a model human figure

The idea of printing whatever we have on our minds is attractive. However, the recent surveys found that women and millennial are at least engaged group in 3D printing.

3d printed pizzaSo when will all households have one their own 3D printer? Brian Jepson. the publisher of Make Media, has an interesting opinion relating to food. “I think the answer is as soon as there is a sub-$500 printer that makes stuff I can put in my mouth.”

In Shanghai Metal Corporation we also offer the printing machines, they are not not 3D but they are still well appreciated by clients for high performance and smooth working. For more information please visit our website or send us an inquiry. Also don‘t hesitate and follow us on Facebook, TwitterLindkedIn or Instagram. If you have smart phone or tablet, download our new app by scanning QR code.

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