What?! Car Flying Over London?

You probably have seen Smart Cars jumping over a bridge every single day in Rotterdam but I bet you haven’t seen the 2015 Jaguar XE flying over central London in the beginning of this month.

Jaguar XE leaving its factory in Solihull

In collaboration with the British Royal Air Force Red Arrows Acrobatic Team the car was air-lifted by helicopter in Solihull, where Jaguar’s manufacturers is located and carried along the Thames to Tower Bridge. The car continued its trip on a boat to later on hit the Earls Court, the home of 14 Jaguar debuts since 1935, where it was escorted by two 1960’s Mark II Jaguar Police Cars and welcomed by the 3,000 excited VIP guests.

Jaguar XE on its way to Earls Court

The show was narrated by English actor, John Hannah and included a star-studded performance lineup including Emeli Sande, The Kaiser Chiefs, Eliza Doolittle, the Royal Ballet, members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Max Milner from The Voice.


David Gandy, Damian Lewis and David Blakeley

What so special about the cutting-edge £30,000 XE sports car is the aluminum-intensive materials used to build the car, making it lightweight, stiff and sleek profile. The aluminum-lighter body makes the car more potential-fuel conscious, which in turn comes in line with efficiency regulations. Other carmakers such as Ford have chosen to use nearly all aluminum metal body in its most profitable vehicle, F150. The fact is aluminum when combined with small amounts of other metals to form and alloy it is actually just as strong as steel.


Highly aerodynamic and powerful due to it six cylinder motor, Jaguar XE generates 450 pounds-feet of torque, allowing it to go from zero to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds and hit an electronically limited maximum speed of 155 mph. The XE car has a luxurious interior and advanced infotainment system including an eight-inch touchscreen and a clear graphical interface.


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Source and pictures: trendhunter.com, jaguarmena.com, liverpoolecho.co.uk, sgcarmart.com

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Fords Revolutionary 2014 F150 Pickup

First the first time ever a motor vehicle manufacturer is using a nearly all Aluminum metal body in one of its pickup trucks, why you ask?

In 2010 President Obama introduced new tough fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles, which meant that they needed to start reducing gasoline consumption per mile traveled. This is exactly what ford managed to do, by switching from Aluminum to steel Ford shaved 700pounds off the weight of the vehicle which is roughly 15%. So what effect did this have on petrol consumption? Reducing the weight so dramatically has reduced combined urban and highway consumption to 17 miles per gallon which is more than 25%.


This lighter body also opens up the doors to more potential fuel savings. As the vehicle is lighter it no longer requires the same heavy hitting 3.5L V6 engine so by replacing this with a more economical motor will further increase this vehicles potential to save fuel which is important as efficiency regulations are incrementally ramped up past 2020. Further more if other technologies such as auto stop/start and hybrid engines are installed this can be further maximized.


With the F150 being fords most profitable vehicle worldwide this is also somewhat of a gamble for Ford to be making, given that aluminum has somewhat of a reputation for being weak- after all it is the basis of kitchen foil, right? Wrong! When aluminum is combined with small amounts of other metals to form and alloy it is actually just as strong as steel. So in an industry already struggling this could put Ford in a strategically beneficial position or isolate ignorant consumers.

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