So everyone knows who’s Iron Man right ? Basically this guy named Tony Stark built his own super high-tech armor suit to save the world. This is where a normal man’s fragile body becomes one with a more solid and resistant material : metal.

This fictional character is the starting point of this thought. Before starting, keep in mind that this article is meant to give a simple perspective and in any case is NOT (yet?) proven scientifically. But hey, freedom of speech right ?

The concept of Iron Man is not only just this image of a superhero wearing an armor suit saving everyone and damsels in distress. When you dig deeper there is another meaning to this story that probably didn’t cross your mind yet.

First thing first. What gives Tony Stark power ? His intelligence ? Well… Yes because otherwise how would he built that kind of armor suit if he only knows how to count until ten. What we really want to emphasize here is the core and physical element of Stark’s armor, metal. That’s what’s keeping his superpower system together,

Now that we’ve introduced the idea, keep in mind that this could apply into our reality too.

If you think of it, metal products are the component of everything you can possibly think of. In your pen, in transportation, buildings, computers, furniture… Oh and also in that smartphone of yours. We are not fused with metal (yet again?) but one thing’s sure we do interact with this material in our everyday life.

Especially ever since the boom of smartphones. Can we say that this small object also partially made of metal, has in fact enhanced our life or ourselves in various matter ?

We have access to knowledge, information, communication and pass on. Our social borders also expand with social media platforms. Not only that, smartphones are devices which help organizing, reminding and other little useful things to make life easier but wider.

Like Iron Man’s armor suit, our smartphones’ component are often made of metal (and lots of technology behind of course). Different realities perhaps but same outcome : metal enhances human capacities. One single element can help magnify and improve one other being.

Hence we still can’t fly across the world like Iron Man or beat the bad guys but progress and technology is a field that is still expanding quickly in our age and which knows no borders. Metal products will surely stay in the game because without them humanity would probably be very different than what we have now.

Simple elements like metal can contribute to improving one self and achieve bigger dreams. That is what Shanghai Metal Corporation can provide you !

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Maria // SMC Editor