Saturday – SMC Weekend Trip To Huangshan

After an early wake-up call and a hearty breakfast, SMC’s young and brave were in the starting blocks of climbing the majestic “Yellow Mountain”. Having to consider facing waves of mist and fighting through the rain, the degree of excitement varied from individual to individual. Yet one thing was certain, we were to reach the top together as a team! Although we quickly understood that it would not be an easy task, there was tremendous splendor and mystery to enjoy. The view of the clouds touching the mountainsides and covering the jutting granite peaks. The fresh smell of pine trees and the sound of chirping birds. The harmonious interplay of mist and rain. Simply too much beauty… Furthermore, once arriving at the cloudy mountain top, the satisfaction of accomplishing our common goal made any initial sense of regret evaporate instantaneously.

Finally, after a peaceful descent and a lovely evening dinner, we pleased our minds and muscles at the nearby Hexian Hot Springs, living up to the value of “work hard – play hard”. The delightful state of equilibrium was once again confirmed by the combination of two extremes.

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Friday – SMC Weekend Trip To Huangshan

Before and After

After our company lunch, everyone was overly ecstatic to get out of the hustle and bustle of China’s busiest city, Shanghai. The bus ride would take 5 hours to reach our final destination but there was no lack of laughter and joy. As we arrived at Huangshan later that evening, we indulged ourselves in a quick meal at a local restaurant near the hotel. With our minds already set on tomorrow’s challenge, we called an early night of sleep.

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Intro – SMC Weekend Trip to Huangshan

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To thank all of the employees here at Shanghai Metal Corporation, whether they are in Logistics, Sales, Marketing or Administration, once every year we all take a weekend trip filled with relaxation and adventure. For this year’s trip, on the weekend of the 16th till the 18th of May, we found ourselves in China’s beautiful and serene Anhui Province. We visited the “Yellow Mountains”, Hexian Hot springs and Xidi Hongcun Village, all situated across the Huang Shan region. It is definitely another trip which earns its mark in SMC’s history book.

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They Say: “The Sky Is The Limit” …But Is It?

Metallic Coated Steel SMC

20 years ago, many big cities such as Dubai or Shanghai for example weren’t popular touristic destinations at all. Today, the tourists are flooding both cities every day. But why? What has changed? The answer is: skyscrapers.

If the city does not have few skyscrapers, it’s like it does not even exists. All big modern cities with the focus on finance and business are decorated by the breath taking skyline of amazing buildings that serves as major attractions for tourists. And very often they are the pride of the cities.

Steel industry, construction industry and technology are booming in the areas with high demand for this type of building. Countries and even cities within the same country are competing between each other to have the tallest, the newest, the most futuristic, the most modern and the greatest skyscraper.

Shanghai skyline Shanghai skyline

The three tallest buildings in the world are Burj Khalifa…

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Steel Towards A Sustainable Future

Metallic Coated Steel SMC

More and more countries are putting into practice stricter measures and policies to ensure that the companies will follow their CSRs and their sustainability plans. Unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of these measures.

During the last century, we experienced several industrial revolutions leading to higher production, higher consumption and higher living standards. But we paid a very high price… Many big cities are suffering from air pollution, water is not drinkable any more, and soil is contaminated with chemicals causing cancer…

It is a responsibility of each country, each company and each individual to protect the place where we live and to preserve it for the future generations.  The cities we are building today will have to able to remain here for another decades or even centuries.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is keenly aware of this situation. Without a doubt, steel products help to meet society’s needs and as producers of steel, it…

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Copper is the metal of civilization


Copper is essential for modern living.
It delivers electricity and clean water
into our homes and cities and makes an
important contribution to sustainable

Copper can be formed and stretched
into complex and intricate surfaces
without breaking. This makes it
possible to create spires, steeples,
musical instruments, bowls, bed
frames, tubes and a huge number of
other useful and beautiful products.
The very small diameter wires, which
transmit power in cars, computers,
televisions, lighting and mobile phones
only exist because of the high ductility
and malleability of copper.

copper coolest wire

Copper is interwoven with the story of
humanity’s progress.

Its crucial role in
our homes, in transportation, as well as
in infrastructure and in our industries
is omnipresent.

So, what are the special
features of this metal that make it
indispensible in the modern world?

By Laura C. // SMC Blogger/ Media Editor

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