Folks enjoying extremely risky climbing

Do you like climbing? Do you have a crazy smile on your face when you are somewhere high? Then you will love two young Russian folks Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov, who were probably so bored that they started climbing the most towering structures in the world.

All this idea of climbing came with a passion about taking pictures. Few years ago they took a picture with their phone camera, they liked it and decided to buy a real camera. But why they just don’t take pictures of flowers and nature with feet on the ground? Too boring.

They like challenges and that’s why they picked Shanghai Tower in China, 650 meters high tower, still under-reconstruction. Shanghai Tower is the second-tallest tower in the world surpassed only by Burj Khalifa in Dubai. (source)

“Aware of the strict Chinese law, we prepared carefully and picked an appropriate date, the Chinese New Year day,” Rascalov said. According to his words, security was less watchful, cranes didn’t work and people were on vacations.

They got to the crane at around midnight, first it took them 2 hours to get on the 120th floor by foot and then they were waiting 18 hours for better weather on the top of the building. I am surprised they didn’t change their mind…

Of course authorities don’t share the excitement with them and they often running into problems with law. They were arrested when they climbed pyramids in Giza or while ascending to the top of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

While climbing they don’t use any climbing tools, gears, safety belts, nothing! They just have their cameras and a courage. Let’s see where they end up next time!

The Eiffel Tower

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Places to Fall High and Stay Alive

“Most important thing in life is learning how to fall.”
Jeannette Walls, Half Broke Horses

The concepts of falling from high places and staying alive together form a fascinating combination. Danger and the sensation of flying cause adrenaline spikes that  are unimaginable and can be described by only those who have the experience. Here are some stories and places where to get that experience.

The biggest jump of history was done by Felix Baumgartner who jumped from a balloon 128,000 above ground. The highest ever free fall took him 10 minutes to descend. and only the last few thousand  feet were negotiated by parachute. Baumgartner also became the first skydiver to go faster than the speed of sound.

Baumgartner has also base jumped into 673-foot Mamet Cave in Croatia’s Velebit National Park. He successfully free fell and parachuted into the dark interior for a safe landing on the rugged cave floor. The jump, lasting only seconds, required perfect timing to survive. (source)

The world’s highest bungee jump can be done in China’s Macau. A jump from the 764 feet tall A.J. Hacket Tower takes you four to five seconds to land. During that time jumpers need to tolerate the speed of  124 mph. The great thing is that one can do it at night admire beautiful scenery and lights coming from the city’s casinos.

For beginners one good place for trying small-scale freefalls  could be the world’s tallest shipping container building in Zurich. The Swiss bag company Freitag has store made out of 17 shipping containers that elevate the building to 85 feet.

Shipping containers are modular and theoretically can be piled as high as possible. Piling is enabled by their strong foundations in all of the corners. Theoretically speaking there is not any limit of how tall container buildings can be. The only thing stopping seems to be the limitation related to forklifts and cranes.

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