New Zealand & ‘Number 8’ Wire

A little known fact unknown outside of this group of islands is the cultural importance that galvanized steel wire has to the small South-pacific nation of New Zealand. In this country of just over Four Million People the locals are said to be bought up on a number 8 wire mentality. That is to say that a New Zealander (or Kiwi) is adaptable, innovative and with a piece of number 8 wire can fix just about anything.


So where does this term come from? Number 8 wire was a standard British gauge of wire which was used extensively throughout New Zealand for a multitude of purposes; primarily for fencing and within the agricultural industry. It has since been replaced (along with the imperial system of measurement) with the equivalent metric 4mm gauge but the spirit of term and mentality of New Zealanders still lives on as you can see below; where creative and patriotic New Zealanders such as this Morrinsville farmer, Mr Tony Gray have found a niche use for the wire in a more artistic context.


Ironically the vast majority of such wire was and is imported into New Zealand and this trend continues today this is not dissimilar to the iconic New Zealand ‘Kiwifruit’ which is in fact of Chinese origin. Shanghai Metal Corporation manufactures Galvanized steel wire in any number of customizable thicknesses making it suitable for any number of purposes and applications. To find out more or see how we can customize this material to your requirements your can visit our website here.

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Dominick F.//SMC Editor

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