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Since their creation, aluminium products have been very useful for food. Actually lots of people ignore aluminium is a very young metal, even though is the third element on earth. Aluminium production started about 150 years ago, but at that time it was a very expensive material, mainly used for jewels and silverware. In 1866  Paul-Toussaint Héroult and Charles Martin Hall did patent the process of electrolytic fusion and afterwards, Carl Josef Bayer found out how to transform bauxite in alumina.

At the beginning of 1900 few factories all over the world started manufacturing household aluminium, but its popularity would grow up in 1940 when many companies realized its potential application for food conservation.
In few years household aluminium products received a great appreciation from consumers, because its low cost and its useful application at home. Household aluminium foils and aluminium containers were useful for food and beverage conservation and moreover aluminium products ensure a higher level of protection than plastic products.
Below there are some exemples of household aluminium products


Recently household aluminium products have been brought into question because some people had assumed that the usage of aluminium containers in microwave oven could be unhealthy or even toxic for people. But, according to the results of Fraunhover Institue (the Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization), aluminium products can be used as food containers without causing any damage to health.

foglio all

Fraunhover Institute tested 200 different microwave ovens containing household aluminium containers. Aluminium containers contained different food, like smashed eggs, water, mashed meat or lasagna. None of these foods got any damage or contamination from the aluminium container or aluminium foils

vaschetta alluminio

Thus demonstrates that aluminium containers can be used in the microwave oven and they don’t damage our health if used in the proper way and moreover this test highlighted that aluminium container is better than other materials because it ensures a more uniform cooking of food even though it requires some minutes more than plastic containers, but food cooked in aluminium containers have a better appearance and a better taste than food cointained in a plastic one.



  •  1 kg of recycled aluminium requires 71 used aluminium cans.
  • It’s possible to recycle endlessly every aluminium product.
  • Actually the production of an aluminium can requires 40% less of aluminium than 25 years ago.
  • Every year Italy consumes 1 miliard and 700 milions of aluminium cans.

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