It looks incredible when you see an aluminum scrap turn into a piece of artwork. Who would have thought that a piece of copper that seems trashy can be a beautiful painting? This is the magic of metal art!


Metal art defined as any art work that is made from the ‘ores of the earth’, like aluminum, copper, gold, bronze, tin, lead, silver, or iron. It can be in the form of painting, sculpture, jewelry, or any others art works that can be either decorative or useful. For example, cups that made from metal in the Early of Bronze Age. This metal cups is for drink containers and also accomplishing the decorative or art purpose.

Metal art include in the history of art. This was happened after the Stone Age or Neolithic era. The origin of most popular metal’s art work came from the European country, like Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Rome, and Greece. The metal art history was called the Metal Age, most of them was used the elements such as copper, bronze, and iron. Metal Age has few of different eras, among them are the Cooper Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.

cooper-bronze-iron age

The Cooper Age or known as Chalcolithic is a transition between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, it was included in the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age is an era that characterized by the use of bronze in many regions. It is the second principal period of the three-age Stone-Bronze-Iron system after Neolithic period. At this time, they made this ‘bronze art work’ as a trade tools. The Iron Age is the last period of the metal art’s history. It was happened after the Bronze Age and was discovered in Anatolia at 1200 BC. This Iron Age used iron or steel to make weapons, personal ornaments, pottery, and decorative designs.

david smith

The metal art was popular in the ancient time and it’s also still last until now! It is a famous art in Europe, America, Asia, including China! The most popular metal art’s artist is Roland David Smith. He is an American Abstract Expressionist sculptor and painter. He is experts for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures. Most of his artworks were displayed in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, both outdoor and indoor. One of his indoor’s artwork is “Ancient Household”. This was made in 1945 and was made from bronze. Pittsburgh Landscape, one of his outdoor’s artwork was made in 1954 made by steel and also displayed in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

ai weiwei

Chinese artist also use metal as his art works and the most popular Chinese metal art’s artist is Ai Weiwei. He is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. He became one of the artistic consultants on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics. One of his popular metal’s artworks is “Straight”, was displayed at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale. It represents the tragic earthquake that hit Sichuan, China in 2008. The “Straight” made from 150 tons steel rebar that recovered from the schools which collapsed in Sichuan, China.

It is interesting how a scrap or trashy metal products can be beautiful artworks, right? Shanghai Metal Corporation as one of the representatives of the metal industry can help you actualize the beauty of metal art!

As a representative of the metal industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metal products in the global field. We can produce aluminum, stainless steel, copper, shipping containers and other metal products and service. We prioritize the efficient of manufacturing and environmental sustainability.

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How would you react if you knew someone who drinks beer, takes the aluminum cans then transforms it into art ?

Well this japanese artist, MACAON is the kind of person who does this kind of thing. From basic and used aluminum materials he imitates well known characters like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Gundam robots, Pikachu and even a cool mask of Dark Vader !

cancraft-4.jpg cancraft-14.jpg

The fun thing about this artist is that most of his works are imitations of already famous characters which allows a wider understanding and appreciation from the public’s point of view. Although each of this figure doesn’t represent a deep meaning, the message that Macaon transmits, directly or indirectly, is to wake up the collective consciousness of recycling ; as the world consumes more, it is in our best interest to stop wasting basic materials and start thinking new strategies as to reusing them better. We live in world where beer cans can be transformed into your favorite cartoon, movie or animated character.

Totoro figure by Macaon

As you can see, aluminum beer cans here are reused in a sophistic way and are not wasted. Without basic and flexible material like aluminum, consuming society like ours would have difficulties to satisfy our needs. Simple gestures like recycling aluminum cans can lead to a better future and that is what Macaon’s creativeness can influence to later generations.

It’s amazing how a common material like aluminum can have different types of uses. That is exactly what Shanghai Metal Corporation can provide you !

As representatives of the metal industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metal quality products in the global field. As a major producer of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, shipping containers and other metal products and service, we essentially are committed to the universal use that metal can offer by delivering overseas and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Maria // SMC Editor


Whether you like it or not, metals play a BIG PART in our everyday life. We interact with them differently as each of them has it’s own properties : some are used as supporting elements for buildings, smartphones, transportation. Some are used for decoration by artists and sculptor or some are used to display wealth, like gold for example.

That being said, we have tendency to overlook the importance of metal because we confront them directly or indirectly everywhere, therefore perceiving their presence as self-evident. Oh and also, some of them are imperceptible to human eyes so this may contribute to our lack of understanding metal in our life.

So let’s explore these hidden but common metals we interact with everyday shall we ?

COPPER for example, is a type of cheap metal used by companies to conduct electricity. The average American will use more than 1,000 pounds of copper in their lifetime ! You can find them in your ALARM CLOCKS, DENIM JEAN BUTTON, PORTABLE AUDIO DEVICES or your DOORKNOB and even in your GRANOLA BARS ! Copper is essential not only for everyday objects but also for our own body.

Next on the list is STEEL. Like Copper metal, you can find it almost everywhere too. Taken for granted, they are in buildings, machinery, cars, galleries and statues. So can you imagine our world without these elements ? It would be hard to conceive another element as useful as these metals. When the word Steel is pronounced it also means RECYCLING. Each year, the US alone recycles no less than 80 million tons of steel, which works out to about 70% of the world’s total steel recycling

Another metal important for our future is ALUMINIUM. Thanks to its strength, low weight and good potential for recycling Aluminium is as useful and flexible as it’s other metal brothers. It’s properties also allow to build high buildings, transportation and also for packaging, the most common use that this metal is known for.

Not to mention other types of metal, these three principles are maybe the most commonly known by public although people easily tend to forget their usefulness.

Apart from the referred objects we just mention, the crazy thing about  metal is that it has a really wide range of function and can be used by any types of profession. Physicians and architects take advantage of these metals by constructing impressive buildings industry while some artists see these elements as pure physical support in which they transfer their imagination and creativity.

See how great metals are ? As representatives of the metal industry, Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading businesses in the global field. As a major producer of copper, aluminium, steel and other metal products and service, we essentially are committed to the universal use that metal can offer by delivering overseas and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Maria // SMC Editor


Maria // SMC Editor


Why do we like so much aluminium at Shanghai Metal Corporation? This is a very easy question. Because aluminium is a very versatile material that can be employed for a wide range of purpose. For instance, according to some specialized websites in the near future aluminum may be used in the production of various electronic devices batteries. The researchers of the University of California at Stanford have announced the development of aluminum-based batteries promising better performance and a lower impact on the environment compared to current models made of lithium.


What is more special about the aluminium batteries is that, not only their life would be significantly higher than conventional batteries (7,500 versus 1,000 cycles), but especially we should be able to fully recharge them in just a minute. Moreover, the aluminium batteries could be applied to a high number of devices such as smartphones, electric cars and laptops.

Untitled design

Since aluminum is very less expensive than lithium, a further advantageous feature of the aluminium battery would be its lower cost of production. Furthermore, aluminum guarantees the total absence of any risk of fire. The environmental benefits are obvious. A smartphone battery  that takes only one minute to charge results in a considerable decrease in energy waste.




Do not  forget that Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection metals such as aluminum which can be use for various applications. Check out our aluminium sheet/plate, widely used in the production of automobile, building wall and celings. Feel free to contact us for further information. We have English-speaking staff who will be more than glad to help you.



Stefano // SMC Editor

Metals & Co – more than a table

Today Shanghai Metal Corporation wants to take you again to one of the well-known capitals of fashion and design in the world: Milan. We have already mentioned the Italian city for hosting the upcoming 2015 EXPO, but this new article deals with the major Italian event for interior design: SaloneDelMobile.

“The Salone del Mobile is the global benchmark for the Home Furnishing Sector. An invaluable tool for the industry as well as an ongoing, quite extraordinary promotional vehicle. The Salone made its first appearance in 1961, designed to promote Italian furniture and furnishing accessories on the export market, and it has continued to do so impeccably, ensuring that the quality of Italian furniture is known to all four corners of the earth, and continues so to do, with half of all its visitors coming from around the world.” (from

Among the furniture presented, here is a selection of unique tables featuring metals and several material such as wood, glass and crystal. Because the metal goes with everything!! Take a look!


Euclide di Domitalia. Wodden top plus a support structure made of painted  bent sheets steel.


Notorius di Marioni. The brass work structure and the oval top recall the 40s’ atmospheres.


B 110 di Dale Italia. Lacquered iron legs support an antique oak flat surface recovered by old Italian roofs.


Argo di Mara Srl. A folding table with chromed metal conical legs, featuring lockable wheels.


Hystrix by Cattelan Italia. An innovative table made of glass and painted iron.


  Status by Calligaris. An essential combination of wood and metal.


Memo di Lema. A linear assembly of fine wood and lacquered aluminum.

Take you time and come visiting our website. Did you know that Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection of metals?  You can for instance take a look at our aluminum department products. Do you need aluminium foils? We have them! Or maybe you are looking for aluminum sheet plate? We can help you! Not just aluminium, but also copper, steel and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Aluminium & Bikes

Today, Shanghai Metal Corporation brings you to the world of aluminium. Did you know that aluminium is one of the main materials a bike is built of? If you want to know more about aluminium and bikes don’t miss this post!

The first bike we present you today is a Paul Timmer’s creation. It is a very innovative bike made of wood and aluminium. Yeah, exactly! We are talking about a wooden bike! What’s more special is that all the aluminium features are realized through a 3D printer. It’s the first time that this method is employed for the construction of a bike. The bike weighs 11 kilos. The  frame is strengthened by aluminum parts that improve performance without burdening the bike. Paul Timmer works as a designer and a carpenter in Amsterdam.


Here is what Timmer’s website says.

The wooden bike is made from solid ash. It becomes strong enough by extraordinary attention to detail. This frame is built completely from the ground up. No standard parts are used to build the frame. All custom non-wooden parts are 3D printed aluminium. The external fork and woodwork are a result of the reinvention of the bike frame.


The second model that we want to show you today is the bicycle without rays which can be folded into a backpack. This bike is made of aluminium and weighs 10 kilos circa. It has been designed by the thirty year old Gianluca Sada. This young engineer from Turin, in Italy, came up with the idea of this bike  while watching kids playing. The peculiarity of this aluminum bike is that its wheels do not require rays.


The history of folding bikes dates back to 1878. William Grout was the first to design one. The bike designed by Gianluca Sada has the advantage of being able to fold in a few seconds, reaching the length of an umbrella. Here is what Gianluca Sada said about his SadaBike:

The objective of this project is to have a cycle with standard dimensions ( wheels 26 “) and have a small package during transportation. The wheels have no spokes, the minimum size in closing, the system folder with the single movement, the packaging container can also be used as a backpack, are innovations of this script. The starting point of this research is the study of art that starts from an overview of the urban individual mobility to reach, then, the folding bicycle.


Do not  forget that Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection metals such as aluminum which can be use for various applications. Check out our aluminium tube/pipe, widely used for transportation. Feel free to contact us for further information. We have English-speaking staff who will be more than glad to help you.

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Silent War — Aluminum Alloy or Steel?

“Aluminum or steel?” This question always confused cars engineer.

As you know, the call for environmental protection and energy saving is increasing now, which makes automobile manufacturers have to seek more solid, more frivolous raw material for making cars, thus, the war between aluminum and steel breaks out.

1photo from emilines

Attack from aluminum

Aluminum not only reduce the weight of the half, but has better corrosion resistance compared with steel, which makes aluminum get more favor of automotive engineers.

2Whole aluminum body structure of audi A8
Photo from autohome

Fight back from steel

The appearance of aluminum alloy for automobile steel makes steel supplier under pressure, so they decided to unit and take action to combat the threat of aluminum.

1Photo from marcegaglia

In 1995, 32 international iron and steel manufacturers join together and put forward the concept of “super light carbon steel body”. The body made by this kind of high strength steel has the thinner and lighter structure. Actually, lightweight body exactly  help improve the sales situation of high strength steel. Manufactures also announced that, at the same time, this material has another big benefit——making the car get higher scores in the crash tests of Euro NCAP—New Car Assessment Program!

The technical obstacle of aluminum alloy

Except Audi and Jaguar, most automotive manufacturer has little interested in the whole aluminum body because of its higher price, thus, manufactory like BMW take mixed form in body manufacture.


BMW 5 series of body structure——steel front and aluminum behind
photo from autohome

Even so, the metal property of swell after heated also makes aluminum difficult to be accepted by automotive engine.

Shanghai Metal Corporation can supply you with a great selection of metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel for many types of applications (automotive, construction, machinery, tools, etc.). Visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us for any question. Our English-speaking staff will be more than glad to help you find the most suitable materials.

Featured image from : cardesignfetish

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Aluminium & Food

Since their creation, aluminium products have been very useful for food. Actually lots of people ignore aluminium is a very young metal, even though is the third element on earth. Aluminium production started about 150 years ago, but at that time it was a very expensive material, mainly used for jewels and silverware. In 1866  Paul-Toussaint Héroult and Charles Martin Hall did patent the process of electrolytic fusion and afterwards, Carl Josef Bayer found out how to transform bauxite in alumina.

At the beginning of 1900 few factories all over the world started manufacturing household aluminium, but its popularity would grow up in 1940 when many companies realized its potential application for food conservation.
In few years household aluminium products received a great appreciation from consumers, because its low cost and its useful application at home. Household aluminium foils and aluminium containers were useful for food and beverage conservation and moreover aluminium products ensure a higher level of protection than plastic products.
Below there are some exemples of household aluminium products


Recently household aluminium products have been brought into question because some people had assumed that the usage of aluminium containers in microwave oven could be unhealthy or even toxic for people. But, according to the results of Fraunhover Institue (the Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization), aluminium products can be used as food containers without causing any damage to health.

foglio all

Fraunhover Institute tested 200 different microwave ovens containing household aluminium containers. Aluminium containers contained different food, like smashed eggs, water, mashed meat or lasagna. None of these foods got any damage or contamination from the aluminium container or aluminium foils

vaschetta alluminio

Thus demonstrates that aluminium containers can be used in the microwave oven and they don’t damage our health if used in the proper way and moreover this test highlighted that aluminium container is better than other materials because it ensures a more uniform cooking of food even though it requires some minutes more than plastic containers, but food cooked in aluminium containers have a better appearance and a better taste than food cointained in a plastic one.



  •  1 kg of recycled aluminium requires 71 used aluminium cans.
  • It’s possible to recycle endlessly every aluminium product.
  • Actually the production of an aluminium can requires 40% less of aluminium than 25 years ago.
  • Every year Italy consumes 1 miliard and 700 milions of aluminium cans.

As one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of aluminium products in China, at SMC, we offer aluminium foils and containers in different sizes and features, depending on your needs. Our products are very popular because they are very versatile and can be used for literally anything!
Shanghai Metal Corporation is the ‘go-to’ place when looking for high quality of aluminium products. Do not hesitate to make contact with us or make any inquiry to know more about our full product range, and get to know what types of products we have in store. We manufacture different varieties of aluminium containers, with different size and colors. Visit our main website to learn more about us.


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Matteo M.// SMC Editor

Entertaining Traffic Signs

Traffic signs or road signs provide some information to the road users that are important for the order, safety or the direction of their destination, but…is it always the case ? Your trip can become boring at some point, however you might probably encounter some road signs that can provide your journey with some entertainment. Check them out :

No flaming cars?Explosive cars aren’t allowed !

Top-speed surgery ! Can you believe it !?

Must be convenient for trucks or buses

Who goes 19 ?????
Can anybody go at exactly 19 ? 

Sign of the times...
That sign is more drunk than us !

They must have Stong bikes in Ireland
Beware of bikes !

They always do the road work when you’re late 

Maybe find an alternate route
Never drive fast when you can’t see what’s beyond the road

Chicken Crossing
Freedom for chickens !

Thank you !

This is what’ll happen if you drank before driving

You’re almost there ! Don’t give up !

Watch out for crawling drunks !

Having some absurd or weird traffic signs can be entertaining and might give some relieve to the tired drivers. If you’re interested in adding some funny sign boards in your place, Shanghai Metal Corporation can provide you with entertaining traffic signs following your requirements. The quality of our material is designed for improved image retention. Please contact us if you have questions, our English speaking staff will be glad to help you.  Also visit us on social media to know more about us.


Sources :
Google Image

Ayu P.//SMC editor

Shanghai Metal Corporation-The Solution To All Your Metal Needs

SMC being the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of metal products has demand for its products varying across several sectors of society and industries. Whether its the construction industry looking for heavy duty industrial materials and building systems, or direct consumers looking for new, unique ways of enhancing their homes, we’ve got everyone covered! Container swimming pools are the new urban, hip way to design pools, and are also environmentally friendly,as they’re made with recycled containers.

SMC offers a wide range of high grade products, serving needs of customers all year round. With products like Glass Wool board, our customers can enjoy winter with proper insulation provided by our glass wool and aluminium thermal insulation.  At SMC the environment is also a great concern  of ours, for instance, glass wool insulation makes the home more energy efficient, since less adding heating such as electric heaters are needed when the house ceilings are insulated with glass wool. Again, with recycled shipping containers, one can enjoy unique movable swimming pools in their home. Why not? Who wouldn’t want to be able to move their swimming pool!

More fun and unique goods can be derived from our main products.Metal has also proven to be a more sustainable and durable material to use in home decor items and consumables. Contact us for more information.

With this said, SMC provides products across all sectors of the economy. We supply inputs to other industries such as the manufacturing and car industries; our main customers in these areas being Toshiba, LG, Philips etc.  SMC also provides products such  as aluminium and galvanized steel for roofing material directly to the construction industry. Many products such as household hardware within the home get their metal components from us.  SMC feeds metals to both the light metals industry (appliances and small machinery) and the heavy industry.

Ever wondered where the foil used to get your hair tinted comes from? SMC aluminium is used to make products like foil paper.  You may find another cool discovery being that we also provide the aluminum sheet which is used to make the tins used to store canned drinks such as Coca-Cola etc.  That’s us! SMC has the solution to ALL your metal needs!

Lebogang Seopane// SMC Intern

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Pictures and original articles: Google images, Shanghai Metal Corporation website