Container Micro Homes Will Revolutionize Affordable Housing

Shipping Container architecture is getting branded as the synonym of affordable housing and sustainable living. Containers are a really low-cost and durable material that has caught the attention of designers and architects worldwide. Shipping containers can be easily modified. They can be stacked, flipped or welded together in different angles. Still, for creating a nice apartment, as these examples show, only one container is enough.

For instance an Australian firm Nova Deko Modular has presented one of their stylish designs in Milan. Their single-container prefabricated house is a compact and space saving solution that optimizes all the space-use inside a 40 ft shipping container. The interior design includes e.g. folding aluminum and glass doors that help to save space. They sell the prefab house for about US$ 34,000 excluding the shipping costs. (via Inhabitat)

Atelier Workshop’s Port-a-Bach is a shipping container micro-home on wheels. The house is designed to be easily moved to different locations and to accommodate two adults and two children. This portable, secure and relatively inexpensive helps to save costs also in the long run by utilization of solar power, wind turbines and by letting a lot of natural light to get indoors. (via Inhabitat)

Golany Architects‘ solution shows how a shipping container house can be well integrated in a natural environment. The site where they wanted to install the house already had two pine trees. Instead of cutting the trees down, they used the trees as shown in the picture above. The trees now support this rustic tree house by offering a natural source of air conditioning and protection from excessive sun light. (via Inhabitat)

Modular, affordable and space saving homes that can easily be integrated into their surrounding environment. That’s what shipping container houses are! We in Shanghai Metal Corporation also sell these houses. Please visit our website for more specifications or contact us through this form. Please also follow us in our social media channels.


Tuomas P. // SMC Editor