The Endless Potentials of Galvanized Steel

Galvanization is a procedure that has been used for many years to protect the integrity of steel and increase the lifespan of the products that is is made from. This process consists of hot-dipping steel in a zinc coating which forms a protective barrier, a more recent innovation is the electro-galvanized technique. This barrier acts in such a way that the formation of rust is eliminated and a preventative layer is created to stop physical intrusion, such as in the case of a dent or scratch. Interestingly, the process of galvanization does not merely coat the steel but in fact presents a chemical reaction whereby the two metals fuse; with the outer layer being pure zinc, the core pure steel and metal in between being an alloy of the two. The uses of this steel are widespread given the array of advantages it offers to users.

roofing sheet12

Its uses in the building industry are widespread, for example as a roofing product, it can be rolled into a number of profiles to suit the nature of the building and can the presented in long lengths (removing the requirement to joint sheets, further minimizing water intrusion). Further more these sheets can be painted to present a more aesthetically pleasing image. Other applications in this industry include products like nails and screws, grating and support structures.


Galvanized steel is also frequently used in metal piping where it presents a non-toxic alternative to lead and other materials, so that water can be safely supplied to homes and be fit for drinking. Such pipes can also be used in applications such as air-conditioning, sewage, oil, gas and scaffolding.

Furthermore the application of galvanized steel is prevalent throughout the automotive and aeronautical industries where it provides a lightweight, strong, manageable and rust resistant material for structural uses. Examples of such include, the roofs, parking breaks, springs and hoods of cars, with similarly widespread use seen in the manufacture of aircraft.


Shanghai Metal Corporation offers galvanized steel in a multitude of forms that can be used to satisfy the applications mentioned above. These include galvanized steel coils, strips, sheets, plates, wire, pre-painted steel, roofing material (in a number of profiles) as well as steel grating.

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Dominick F.//SMC Editor

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