Party in a Box! Going Wild in Container Night Clubs!


Shipping Containers are designed to transport freight in rough weather conditions for long distances. They are also all built according one international standard, so that the loading of container ships can be optimized. Later on, their structure inspired architects to design modular houses and now containers are used also e.g. as hotels, stores and offices. Now they are also building night clubs out of containers.


Shipping containers have strong foundations on each of four corners. The foundations enable stacking and piling them into huge real estate complexes. A Singaporean company Venue VBox is using this feature to build mobile discotheques out of containers.


The company’s “Night Box” pop-up nightclub is a container systems that can hold 500 people. Such systems are applied also in other countries. For instance New Orleans’ 2009 and 2010 Voodoo Music experience event has had VIP lounges made of shipping containers. It has been more common for businesses to open a temporary bar for crowded events by using a single container. Used containers cost between US 1000 and 2000. The price, mobility and overall attractiveness makes containers a great solution for arranging mobile parties.


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The Crate Escape

Bridget Dunlap, a local entrepreneur, has opened up a new type of watering hole in Texas. With the help of North Arrow Studios the bar stands at double height with 8,000 square foot of spacing and is testament to show how well suited containers are in commercial space.

the outdoor bar and terrace maximizes the use of space available

The bar is built from seven separate containers that are stacked on top of one another creating a unique and exciting structure. The metallic outer walls add  undeniable character and the inside has been transformed, making it easy to forget the original purpose of the containers.

Interior offers style and comfort to the many patrons

Francisco Arrendondo, the project manager, comments on the positives of using containers in construction. He states that they’re ‘inherently efficient constructions …  a three dimensional structural truss’, perfect for commercial projects such as this.

external view of the bar

This project and others like it have been termed ‘upcycling’. Here the main objective is to take an object away from its original purpose and changing it to increase its value.

Shanghai Metal Corporation currently provides a variety of new shipping containers that can be custom tailored based on customer requests. We hope that inspiring design like the Container Bar will encourage all to explore their own ideas for shipping container use.

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Images provided by : North Arrow Studio Blog ‘Container Bar: Everything you need to know”