Original Bookmarks and Bookshelves for Book Fans

Rain, a hot tea, a warm bed aaand A BOOK. Is this a perfect combination for you as well? Every book fan has his own small or big bookshelf (usually made out of wood) and of course some nice bookmarks (usually paper ones). Wouldn’t copper bookmarks and metal bookshelves make you feel like few centuries back?


History of bookmarks is of course connected to development of books. The earliest bookmarks are dated to the medieval ages. Many bookmarks were found in monasteries, most of them shaped like rotating disc made of vellum. In 18th and 19th century the common type of a bookmark was a narrow silk ribbon that were bound into the book and at the top of spine. We still use them nowadays, especially in hardcover or reference books. Later on the bookmarks were made of many different materials like gold, bronze, silver, ivory, pewter and also copper.

Copper bookmarks

There are many shapes, sizes, patterns of copper bookmarks. You can choose from many designs or even make one by yourself. You can find a video below.


Bookshelf doesn’t have to be a boring wooden item in your house or apartment. You can use many other materials (aluminium, copper, steel) for making one.

When I looked at this for the first time I thought for a second. Are these books just hanging in the air? Then I spotted it. This bookshelf comprises an aluminium bracket with a combed strip that grips the cover and pages of paperback books. Awesome!

invisible 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Hanging in the air?

Magnetique shelf designed by Nils Holger Moorman consists of a steel sheet and boxes made out of a birch plywood. The steel sheet is installed on the wall either a vertical or a horizontal way. The backside of these boxes has a special strong foil magnet that can be stick into a wall anyhow you want to. Then you have a new bookshelf every day.

magnetique 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Magnetique shelf

Hanging bookshelf designed by  Unal&Boler studio. Hang your books anywhere you want!

hanging bookself 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Hanging bookshelf

Or this steel and aluminium shelving system. It looks great and trendy. Don’t be afraid to make, have or do things in a different way. It is refreshing.

d mension shelf D mension Shelf   Modern Shelfing System
Aluminium and steel shelving system

Shanghai Metal Corporation sells high-quality copper, aluminium or steel not just for your new bookshelves or bookmarks. For more information visit our website or send us inquiry. English speaking staff will help you to find the most suitable products for you. Download also an application by scanning QR code or follow us on Social Media.



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Container Libraries – The Little Helpers of Inspirational Education

A library made out of shipping containers in gaining popularity among the youth in the Netherlands. An architectural innovation designed by Jord den Hollander is a library on wheels that parks in schools to offer their students a new way of getting inspired to read books.

Den Hollander came up with idea by realizing that the narrow Dutch streets need a library that was also both narrow and could be able to have many books and a reading room. The BiebBus library is divided in to two sections, the lower section being the library and the upper section being the reading room. The library holds over 100 meters of books that the students can read lying on their beanbags upstairs. The remarkable interior design is emphasized by a transparent floor between sections.

Jord den Hollander, shipping container design, childrens green library, dutch green library, mobile library, green library, prefab building, container building, Dutch library,

Another container library is set in Indonesia, where a company named Dpavilion architects has installed a container facility that operates as “the windows of the world” offering education, inspiration and entertainment for people with small income. The facility also has a container clinic that is to offer medical assistance for the locals.

contertainer, dpavilion architects, shipping container library, shipping container health clinic, green building, sustainable architecture, cargotecture

Shipping containers are made of durable steel that gives protection even in rough weather conditions. The simple steel structure and the standardized manufacturing process makes this superior construction material also really low-cost. Therefore the present and the future trends of affordable housing and sustainable architecture will be among shipping containers.

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide variety of shipping containers. Please visit our websites of containers and container houses to see detailed descriptions. If you are planning your own construction project, please send us an inquiry and our English speaking staff will give you assistance. Meanwhile please visit our social media sites Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.


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Pictures and original articles: Inhabitat, Dpavilion Architects, Inhabitat, Domus