A bridge is a structure that built to provide passage over the physical obstacle such as water, valley, or road. It is often made of steel which is strong and massive that suitable with the purpose of bridge itself. Here are ten of the most amazing massive steel bridges that ever built.


  • Kymijoki Railway Bridge – Koria, Finland

Kymijoki Railway Bridge is a pair of parallel rail bridges across the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The bridge was built on 1910-1912. This bridge was the first 3-span steel truss bridge built in Finland. It was originally used as a railway until 1923 and today, it is just use as a footbridge.


  • Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. It connects Sydney Central Business District and the North Shore. It was built in 1932 by Dorman Long and Co Ltd.


  • Akashi Kaikyo Bridge – Kobe, Japan

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge also known as the Pearl Bridge is the longest suspension bridge spans in the world which has 1991 meters lengths. It links the city of Kobe on the mainland of Honshu to Iwaya on Awaji Island, Japan.


  • Chaotianmen Bridge – Chongqing, China

Chaotianmen Bridge is a road-rail bridge over the Yangtze River in the city of Chongqing, China. It is the longest arch bridge spans in the world which has total length of 1,741 m.


  • Ikitsuki Bridge – Nagasaki, Japan

The Ikitsuki Bridge is the longest continuous truss bridge spans in the world which has main span of 400 meters. It connects Itsuki to Horaido and it was built in 1991.


  • Golden Gate Bridge – San Fransisco, USA

Golden Gate Bridge was built because of the consensus of USA citizens. It was built on 1933 and opened for public on 1938. It was designed by Joseph Strauss at 4200 feet with back towers that measure at 746 feet.


  • Pont de Normandie – Honfleur, France

The Pont de Normandie was designed by Michael Virlogeux. It took more than 7 years to build it and spend more than $465 million. It has a total length of 2.143 meters which make this bridge as the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world until 1999.


  • Weichsel Bridge – Dirscham, East Prussia

Weichsel Bridge is an icon of steel bridges during the golden era of steel constructions. This was the first large wrought iron girder bridge that was built in Germany in 1857.


  • SkyBridge – Vancouver, Canada

The SkyBridge connects New Westminster and Surrey, two important cities in Vancouver. It opened in March 1990 with total length at 616 m. This bridge is a transit-only route used by TransLink.


  • Forth Bridge – Firth of Forth, Scotland

Forth Bridge is a cantilever bridge that was opened in 1890. It connects Edinburgh and Fife which is the major landmarks in Scotland. It was designed by the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO designers, Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker.

How amazing steel can used to build a bridge that can connect land, people, societies, and economies!

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Garden Bridge

Heatherwick Studio and actor, campaigner Joanna Lumley came up with an idea for a new pedestrian bridge across the River Thames – Garden Bridge, the scheme that will connect North and South London with a garden. For one of the greenest cities in the world it will be a another precious piece of landscape and support many indigenous river edge plant species.

The proposed 367-meter bridge project got approval from local councils. According to words of Thomas Heatherwick, the bridge will be a very special place either for crossing, relaxing in or looking back at the rest of the city’s sights.

The bridge will cost not small amount of money – £175 million. It raised a lot of questions and criticism and they had to defend why their project deserves it more than the others. Heatherwick said : “This project creates a new and extraordinary views of London framed by nature.” The Garden Bridge is expected to begin construction next year. (via

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China Steels The Show

Since the end of the 21st century China has become by far the largest steel producer in the world.  Steel production  has been growing nearly 10% per year in China, 6% in India and over 3% in Brazil.

Due to infrastructure projects in the construction industry, China has secured its dominant position in the world for steel production.  Many of China’s bridges are made from steel material so when it comes to records, China holds the three top ranking spots in the world for arch bridges.

Chaotianmen Bridge
Chaotianmen Bridge

The Chaotianmen Bridge spans over the Yangtze River in the city of Chongquing, China.  The steel truss arch spans 552 meters and reflects the achievements in modern industry, strength, and structural beauty. The bridge was opened in 2009 and is the world’s largest arch bridge.

Lupu Bridge
Lupu Bridge

Shanghai has become a symbol of the recent economic boom in China.  One of Shanghai’s own Lupu Bridge ranks second in the worlds longest arch bridges at 550 meters. The three-span steel arch bridge crosses the Huangpu River connecting the city’s Luwan and Pudong districts.

Bosideng Bridge
Bosideng Bridge

Opened in 2012, the Bosideng Bridge is the third largest arch bridge in the world with a span of 530 meters.  The concrete filled steel tubular arch bridge is a highway bridge that crosses over the Yangtze River in Hejiang County, Sichuan, China.

There is no doubt that China takes the market in steel production.  Chinese steel is known as some of the most durable steel on the market.  Bridges require proper durability in order to stand up to a variety of common building issues such as mold, rot, and weather resistance.

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Interflow Multi-dimensional Crossing Steel Box Girder Bridge (Yangtze River delta)

bridge II


Steel box girder bridge offers a path from Chuanshan to Haosifang Road, which is an important component in Daqi inland transport highway, and also important component in national highway system planning project for Ningbo to Jinghua Link.

Its main characteristics are:

1. Span Length of main bridge: 538 meters (6 links; 18 spans)
2. Weight: 5300MT
3. Main Body Structure: steel box structure

Quick facts:

1)      Ningbo is one of Economic centers in south wing of Yangtze River delta, and very significant harbor city in Southeast of the country. As an international modern harbor city, the rise and fall of harbor decides Ningbo City’s future development and destiny.

2)      Chuanshan to Haosifang Road in Ningbo is an important component in Daqi inland transport highway, and also important component in national highway system planning project for Ningbo to Jinghua Link.

3)      The design is full of modern state-of-the-art concept, edge-cutting technology, and new ability of contemporary modern bridge beam construction.

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