4 Real-Life Hidden Treasures You Could Still Find

Have you ever dreamt as a child of finding buried treasure? Maybe you chased the end of a rainbow to find the pot of gold. Well, this article was written for the child inside you as we account for the hidden treasure that is still waiting to be discovered.

Over the years metal detecting enthusiasts have uncovered a number of treasures, including; underground stolen money (1946), pirate treasure (1952), a lost gold mine (1966) and an alleged J.F.K assassination bullet (1974). But many still await discovery.

El Dorado


Located just a couple hours north of Colombia’s capitol city of Bogotá, Lake Guatavita is believed to be the site of the El Dorado legend, with actual gold being recovered from the lake since the Spanish arrival in 1536. And, there are many more hidden treasures to be found, as the children’s movie proved.

Butch Cassidy’s Stash


He was such an outlaw that he even formed an outlaw group, called the Wild Bunch who buried $20,000 somewhere in Irish Canyon in Colorado USA.

Inca Treasure


There is between $12-60 million worth of treasure stolen from the Spanish guard who attempted to hide it during a revolt. It is theorized to be in the formerly known Cocos Island, near present day Costa Rica.

Nazi gold in Austria


In the last few months of World War II, Nazis sunk containers and various other objects into Lake Toplitz for still not entirely known reasons. Many divers have died trying to retrieve it, but what keeps interest so high in the lake is that many believe the Nazis sunk millions worth of gold, diamonds and other treasures, possibly even including art wonders.

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Sources: National Geographic, Huffington Post

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