Metal is an extremely versatile medium for art and New Mexico artist Chris Turri has taken it to all new heights.

Not only are his pieces composed of metal, b he specifically uses old metal.

In his interview with KRQE News, he revealed that he sources metal from unconventional places such as old pipes, the side of streets and from old cars.

Chris’ work can be viewed on his personal site and in galleries.

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Silent War — Aluminum Alloy or Steel?

“Aluminum or steel?” This question always confused cars engineer.

As you know, the call for environmental protection and energy saving is increasing now, which makes automobile manufacturers have to seek more solid, more frivolous raw material for making cars, thus, the war between aluminum and steel breaks out.

1photo from emilines

Attack from aluminum

Aluminum not only reduce the weight of the half, but has better corrosion resistance compared with steel, which makes aluminum get more favor of automotive engineers.

2Whole aluminum body structure of audi A8
Photo from autohome

Fight back from steel

The appearance of aluminum alloy for automobile steel makes steel supplier under pressure, so they decided to unit and take action to combat the threat of aluminum.

1Photo from marcegaglia

In 1995, 32 international iron and steel manufacturers join together and put forward the concept of “super light carbon steel body”. The body made by this kind of high strength steel has the thinner and lighter structure. Actually, lightweight body exactly  help improve the sales situation of high strength steel. Manufactures also announced that, at the same time, this material has another big benefit——making the car get higher scores in the crash tests of Euro NCAP—New Car Assessment Program!

The technical obstacle of aluminum alloy

Except Audi and Jaguar, most automotive manufacturer has little interested in the whole aluminum body because of its higher price, thus, manufactory like BMW take mixed form in body manufacture.


BMW 5 series of body structure——steel front and aluminum behind
photo from autohome

Even so, the metal property of swell after heated also makes aluminum difficult to be accepted by automotive engine.

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