Gentlemen Don’t Prefer Blondes

China has been known for its flagrant disregard for copyright laws, and has featured a number of international icons on its soil. The Eiffel Tower, Sphinx of Giza, Sydney Opera House, The US White House, and Rome’s Coliseum have all been featured in China’s landscape. Check out our other article about sculptures that you need to look at twice for more. But not all have been shown with the same reverence.  A 26ft-tall stainless steel Marilyn Monroe statue that took two years to make is left to languish in a Chinese tip.


She’s the quintessential American sex symbol. So it is perhaps very symbolic that the Chinese prepare to overtake the U.S. as the likely next global superpower, they’ve decided they don’t need her anymore.

This giant statue of Marilyn Monroe was left at the dump site of a garbage collecting company in Guigang, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


The 26ft-tall stainless steel statue, which weighs about nine tons, was made by several Chinese artists for over two years, based on the famous scene from her movie The Seven Year Itch.

The statue was transported to the garbage collecting company early this week for unknown reasons after being showed outside a business centre in the city for only 6 months, local media reported.


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