Copper Bracelet and Its Healing Ability

Have you ever heard about a magical bracelet that has a healing ability ? Over thousands of years, many medical practitioners have used copper to treat health problems. In ancient Egypt for example, various copper compounds were used to hasten wound healing, treat headaches & epilepsy and sterilize water. Interested to find out more about copper’s mysterious healing ability ? Let’s find out more.

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Worn by Pharaohs, Indian Rajas, Chinese Emperors, Persian Kings, Alexander the Great, and so many others, the copper bracelet has had more than just a cosmetic purpose!

Some people believe that copper kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. There is a record from The Smith Papyrus, one of the oldest book ever discovered, mentioning the ability of copper to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water. Wearing copper bracelets for medicinal benefits has a long history and has been popular in folklore for thousand of years. But what do modern scientific studies says about that ? 

What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets?
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Different mechanism of action about the effect of copper bracelets has been proposed (this list is not exhaustive and should be taken as provisional) :

  • There is none: all effects are imagined
  • Psychological: the placebo effects explains the results, meaning that believers are more likely to obtain better outcomes.
  • Copper has the components that provide iron for the formation of hemoglobin and help form collagen for wound healing
  • Correcting copper deficiency can help optimize the body’s resistance to disease
  • Copper has a beneficial effect for reasons not understood at present. This would explain why some arthritis sufferers seem to obtain benefit from copper bracelets while others do not.

Conclusions are not unanimous and even though the myth of copper bracelet seem highly attractive, not everybody is convinced about its benefits. Even so, over thousands of years, many medical practitioners have used copper to treat a wide range of health problems. Their claims of success are not just anecdotal. However, the quality of much of the evidence does not meet modern standards, so more studies must be done to define and validate the effects, side effects, and mechanisms of the various copper compounds in various indications.

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Copper dreamland

One small town, located in Mexico, where almost every member of every family that lives there, has something to do with copper. I bet that if you visit them, all of the houses will have at least one thing made out of copper!

People in Santa Clara del Cobre (del cobre – copper), this Mexican copper town founded in 1553, have been working with copper since the pre-Hispanic era, which made this town become dominant in copper crafts over the colonial period until the 19th century. After some crisis they got their copper prominence back in 1970’s.

A shop with copper wares

The town has mostly conserved its colonial look and houses have decorations such as doorbells, flowerpots, doorknockers are made out of copper. The center of the town has two plazas. There is a kiosk with a copper roof, many shops selling copper wares, two main churches of course with copper decorations and Museum of copper can’t be missing.


One of the main churches with copper chandeliers and decorations

82% of the town’s population is employed in the making of copper items. There are more than 250 family-owned workshops around the town that produce about 450 tons of copper per year. Nowadays loads of this metal are poured into Santa Clara del Cobre and these pieces are melted here first into pure copper ingots. Then guys taking turns in whacking the red and hot ingots with sledge hammers. It takes four days to one month to complete the items depending on the size, thickness and decorative features.

A copper-based vase
A specialized copper birds shop

Two internationally recognized artists James Metcalf and Anna Pellicer established a studio in this town to bring new approaches to working with copper. The culture, heritage and colonial ambiance qualified this town to become one of the 51 “magic cities” across Mexico. (via wikipediahuffingtonpost )

Casa Felicitas
Copper bracelets

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