Aluminum foils mostly use for packaging, but few artist use aluminum foil to create their artworks like crafts, sculpts, and painting. We also can do simple drawing with aluminum foil and it’s not difficult! Want to be creative with aluminum foil? Check this out!

Do you have unused aluminum foil or aluminum scrap at home? Don’t throw it away! Let’s be creative and create amazing artworks with unused aluminum foil!

From aluminum foil you can make lots of artworks like painting and crafts. With this material, you can get a beautiful painting that looks like old tin ceiling tiles in the Victorian era, so vintage! You just need to prepare cardboard, pencil, thick glue, glue stick, aluminum foil, cotton swab, and black shoe polish. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Let’s get started J

First, draw your picture with your pencil on your cardboard. You can draw anything that you want!

Second, use thick glue to go over lines on your drawing and let it dry.

After the glue completely dry, use glue stick to attach the foil and wrap it over the front and to the back.

Press foil down around dry glue lines and use cotton swab up against the glue outlines once the foil is pressed down.

Draw patterns in all the space with pencil.

Last one, rub over the whole thing with black shoe polish, wait a few seconds and wipe off.

Taraaa! You’ve just made the Victorian style painting by your own! It’s really easy right?


There’s a few artist that also use aluminum foil to create their artistic artworks. For instance, Kader Attia, European artist that lives in Paris. On 2007, he made amazing sculpture made from aluminum foil. He called his artwork “Ghost”, which illustrated about a group of Muslim women in prayer. He made their bodies as vacant shells, empty hoods devoid of personhood or spirit. “Ghost” made from unused aluminum foil and it simply questioning about modern ideologies in relation to individual identity.


Another artist that also uses aluminum foil for his artworks is Tom Friedman. He’s an American sculptures artist that lives in Massachusetts. One of his interesting aluminum foil sculpture is a peeing figure from foil in 2012.


One of artistic artworks made by aluminum foil also showed at Smithsonian American Art Museum. This artwork was made by James Hamptom in 1950-1964. This artwork called “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation’s Millennium General Assembly.

Is it amazing right how aluminum foil can be an artistic artwork? Especially you can also try it by yourself!

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Lamps can have a soul

Last time I wanted to buy a lamp, interesting, functional, eco-friendly, “with a soul”. I went to a shop and I looked around. Nothing. Is it really hard to make things in a different way? All you need is just some creativity.

Lamps made from used coffee filters

nice lamp

Many cities all over the world are full of coffee fans. Small cafes or Starbucks everywhere. Now one designer from New York collects and converts old coffee filters and recycles them to make beautiful lampshades. Because of the soft tones from the coffee stains, lamp gives a romantic low-light.


Lamps made from electrical parts, pipe fittings and vintage lamps

One company in United States, Lamp Revival, creates unique lamps out of old materials. Their 2 very impressive and successful creations were Fred Astaire lamp when they used pipe fittings with sheet metal and Ginger Rogers lamp, using two recycled glass shades.


Lamps made from steel steamers

Designer Nadia Belalia deconstructed the lowly kitchen utensil into stunning lamps. She works with classic collapsible steamers and takes the natural geometry of the perforated steel wings and expands them into satisfying shapes.


Lamps made with wine bottles

Designer John Meng has created gorgeous and green lamps made with wine bottles. Those amazing lamps serve as a nice interior decoration for home or office.


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5 Most Creative Billboard Adverts

Usually billboards tend to fade into the background. However, these advertisers have thought outside the box to grab your attention:











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