A House made of Copper

Copper is such an amazing material! That’s what we believe here at Shanghai Metal Corporation. And what we very much like about copper is its versatility and adaptability to different purposes. We have already discussed in this blog about container houses, but today we are willing to go beyond this topic showing you the latest news about copper houses!

The well-known architecture and design blog archdaily.com published an article on a very interesting project realized in Chondi, India. The house that you can see in the photos below features unique copper components. Here is how archdaily.com described the project designed by Studio Mumbai.

“The walls are finished in a celadon-coloured traditional plaster, smooth like human skin, and crackled like the ancient Chinese glaze, giving the transitory appearance of a fragmented ceramic container, rectilinear and encased with a lid of weathered copper. The continuous copper roof plane forms a secondary datum for the house, becoming a surface of potential occupation and cover.”

(“Copper House II / Studio Mumbai” 16 Apr 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 14 Apr 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=225365&gt;)

from archdaily.com
from archdaily.com
Untitled design
photos from archdaily.com

From India we move now to Australia. The photos below show the project created by Takt | Studio for Architecture. Infolink website explains that this unique house is composed by three pavilions featuring copper.

“The pavilions are constructed in structural steel, feature hand waxed concrete flooring and are all clad in copper that came from KFC Roofing Supplies situated in Sydney. Copper was chosen by Takt in response to the coastal location and the effect the salty and humid atmosphere has on surfaces. The architects say the material has already developed a patina that will only improve with age.”

(“Small project turning heads: Copper House by Takt | Studio for Architecture” 16 Apr 2015. Infolink. Accessed 16 Apr 2015.)

from infolink.com.au
from infolink.com.au
from infolink.com.au

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The Tree of Life – Milan 2015 Expo Steel Symbol

We have already discussed about the upcoming 2015 Expo taking place in Milan, Italy, in less than two months. As you know is a very important event, not just for the European peninsula, but also for all the participant countries willing to promote their products. This year’s theme is “Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”. It will be very difficult for Italy to beat the success of the Chinese 2010 Expo edition, although the theme seems very interesting. If you visited Shanghai during the Universal Exposition or after 2010, you have probably visited the Chinese pavilion. Indeed, this great piece of architectural art has been the main symbol of the Shanghainese exhibition and it has rapidly became one of the main tourist attractions of the city.

from http://www.panoramio.com

The Chinese pavillion is a 63 meters high structure inspired by the most important element of the building tradition of China: the dougong system dating back over 2000 years. It consists of wooden beams embedded in overlapping layers on a base of columns. (from IlGiornaledell’Architettura)

But what about Milan? What will be the symbol of the next Expo made in Italy? The Tree of Life. It came to light in early March, erected in the center of the Expo Lake Arena. According to L’Eco di Bergamo,  the project of  the tree was inspired both by the mosaic of the Otranto Cathedral and the floor of Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo, of which is a 3D version. Its creator, Marco Balich, explained that the tree is a symbol common to “all cultures, from the Bible to Avatar”.

lake arena tree of life
from http://www.madeinuvet.com

The tree has a steel structure made of 150 tons of metal, around which a wooden part was built (90 tons of wood), which will then be adorned with several plants and lights. This 35 meters high installation of steel and wood (and 45 meters of diameter) will be the highest structure of the 2015 Expo. Moreover, the tree will host one show per hour admired by 3000 people each time sitting on the arena built around the Expo lake.

In sum, the symbol of the upcoming Milan Expo 2015 is made of steel. A futuristic steel tree!

from http://www.balichws.com

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Home Sweet-Metal Home

What if almost everything in your apartment was made out of metals? If warm wooden kitchen cabinets, floors, furniture and other furnishings were cold grey wouldn’t you feel like in a prison? It would definitely differ your home from others but calling it a “sweet home”…Although I have to admit that it looks modern and minimalist and some people might love it.

industrial apartment interior design

Peter Kostelov, a designer who created a metal home in Moscow, Russia, uses industrial materials for almost everything. The apartment has steel walls, doors, windows, floors, furniture, even sofa is made mostly out of steel. He divided the wide-open space into a series of individual rooms. Materials that are natural part of a construction process became the core element for style and decor in this project. This concept seems a bit extreme but perfect for industrial lovers.

industrial metal glass condo

If this metal interior is too much for you, you can still apply incorporate in some decorations to make your home luxurious as the one in Shanghai, China – Xintiandi Penthouse. Hong Kong architect Joyce Wang “celebrated metal” in this three-story apartment. She got inspiration in three concrete metals, sheet metal, weathered metal and metal cabling.

The curved staircase up to the roof of the penthouse is created out of bent sheet metal and living room’s walls are lined with corten steel.

Xintiandi Penthouse by Joyce Wang

Metal cabling was woven between the balustrade and the baseline of the apartment’s central staircase and it created screened-off dining area.

Xintiandi Penthouse by Joyce Wang

What is very interesting, the bedrooms in the apartment don’t have any windows. Instead, windows line a shared corridor which leads to the bedrooms. Read more here.

Xintiandi Penthouse by Joyce Wang

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Credits : dezeen.com, weburbanist.com, dornob.com, vongudlach.com, googleimages

Original Bookmarks and Bookshelves for Book Fans

Rain, a hot tea, a warm bed aaand A BOOK. Is this a perfect combination for you as well? Every book fan has his own small or big bookshelf (usually made out of wood) and of course some nice bookmarks (usually paper ones). Wouldn’t copper bookmarks and metal bookshelves make you feel like few centuries back?


History of bookmarks is of course connected to development of books. The earliest bookmarks are dated to the medieval ages. Many bookmarks were found in monasteries, most of them shaped like rotating disc made of vellum. In 18th and 19th century the common type of a bookmark was a narrow silk ribbon that were bound into the book and at the top of spine. We still use them nowadays, especially in hardcover or reference books. Later on the bookmarks were made of many different materials like gold, bronze, silver, ivory, pewter and also copper.

Copper bookmarks

There are many shapes, sizes, patterns of copper bookmarks. You can choose from many designs or even make one by yourself. You can find a video below.


Bookshelf doesn’t have to be a boring wooden item in your house or apartment. You can use many other materials (aluminium, copper, steel) for making one.

When I looked at this for the first time I thought for a second. Are these books just hanging in the air? Then I spotted it. This bookshelf comprises an aluminium bracket with a combed strip that grips the cover and pages of paperback books. Awesome!

invisible 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Hanging in the air?

Magnetique shelf designed by Nils Holger Moorman consists of a steel sheet and boxes made out of a birch plywood. The steel sheet is installed on the wall either a vertical or a horizontal way. The backside of these boxes has a special strong foil magnet that can be stick into a wall anyhow you want to. Then you have a new bookshelf every day.

magnetique 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Magnetique shelf

Hanging bookshelf designed by  Unal&Boler studio. Hang your books anywhere you want!

hanging bookself 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs
Hanging bookshelf

Or this steel and aluminium shelving system. It looks great and trendy. Don’t be afraid to make, have or do things in a different way. It is refreshing.

d mension shelf D mension Shelf   Modern Shelfing System
Aluminium and steel shelving system

Shanghai Metal Corporation sells high-quality copper, aluminium or steel not just for your new bookshelves or bookmarks. For more information visit our website or send us inquiry. English speaking staff will help you to find the most suitable products for you. Download also an application by scanning QR code or follow us on Social Media.



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Credits : inmybook.com, miragebookmark.ch, freshome.com, googleimages

Creative applications of coins

Many people get annoyed when their wallets are full of coins. All those clinking sounds in a pocket while you are walking… But have you ever thought of using these coins for something else than paying for chewing gums or helping homeless people?

Several artists have seen the possibility in spare change we carry around and showed that coins don’t have just financial worth.

5. Sagmeister & Walsh – Obsessions Make My Life Worse and My Life Better

New York City’s design firm Sagmeister & Walsh created this masterpiece over the eight-day period, covering are of 3,200 square feet and over 100 volunteers helped them to sort the coins by color tone and place them in space in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was made up of 250,000 Euro one-cent pieces.

9. Stacey Lee Webber – American Flags

The piece above is created from steel, brass and one-cent coins. Stars and stripes were cut to make an accurate although not a colorful rendition of the U.S. flag. It was created by Stacey Lee Webber.

7. Ed Chapman – Nelson Mandela

This portrait of Nelson Mandela,  the former South African president, that measures 44 by 31 inches was created  out of 5,340 pennies. The British artist Ed Chapman also created mosaic works of pop-cultural icons including Albert Einstein, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe.

sculpture made from coins

Johnny Swing’s amazing settee made out of 7,000 nickels and 35, 000 welds.

coin sculpture

Coin playing cards created by Ted Stanke.

penny dress

Amazing penny dress created by Raymond Waters in 2010.

And at the end of our article this cute coin panda. Just a bamboo stick is missing!

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Credits: sackmagazine.com, accountingschoolguide.com, inspirationgreen.com, googleimages.com

Copper tubing furniture

Have you always wanted to own a special piece of furniture, sit on something really unique? Then you should have a look at following copper tube furniture! It is not only functional but also looks amazing.

TJ Volonis, a talented Brooklyn artist/designer, makes sculptures and furniture just out of copper tubes and pipes. His creative business started quite unintentionally. His roommate moved out and left him a rickety coffee table. He didn’t have money that time so he decided to knock the legs off and use copper tubes for building a new base. The same period of time he was volunteering for a benefit art auction , he bought materials from Home Depot, drafted and created a design and entered it under a pseudonym. It won the first place in its category, attracted attention of people so he was encouraged to continue with his art.

A lot of his inspiration comes from New York City and its industrial infrastructure. He likes looking at train tracks, bridges or plumbing through his artistic lens and beyond that utility he sees something beautiful. According to his words, copper has its own sense of expression.

TJ Volonis Freshome 9 How Copper Tubing Can Be Transformed Into Spectacular Furniture And Art

He left some of the copper tubes and pipes oxidize and it creates a very honey-brown color over time. He seals some of the piece with lacquer right away to preserve the scorch marks. He looks at copper tubing as a co-creator of his work.

Sculptural Copper Tubing Furniture and Art by TJ Volonis in main home furnishings art  Category

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Food looks more delicious in aluminium and copper bowls!

Have you noticed that food actually looks more tasty and yummy when it served in nice bowls, plates, pots, trays…You feel like : “Oh this food looks so delicious in this trendy beautiful bowl!”

Standing Bowls by Fort StandardFort Standard, the Brooklyn studio. came up with aluminium Standing bowls that are raised on slim angular fins. They have bowls made in these finishes : copper-plated, powder-coated in pastel pink and green. Three colors are added to make the bowls more hygienic for serving and storing food. They chose colors that they found exciting and interesting but also felt comfortable with living with it at home.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

These bowls are in two sizes and shapes : a small hemisphere with a 15 centimeter diameter and a larger 38 centimeter-long oval-shaped bowl.

Standing Bowls by Fort Standard

Many of our products at home are hard to clean so they offered a product coated with a food grade powder coat. Shining copper-plated bowls are left untreated to let natural patina to develop over time. Fort Standard displayed these bowls during London Design Festival. (via dezeen.com)


Shanghai Metal Corporation sells aluminium and copper whatever you want to use it for. For more information don’t hesitate to visit our website or send us inquiry. English speaking staff will gladly help you. Download a new application by scanning QR code or follow us on Social Media.



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Credits : dezeen.com, googleimages

A clock without clock hands – what time is it?

Knowing the current time is quite important for people. We want to be on time (well at least some of us), we check it every minute whether it is time to go home from work, we wish we had more time with our beloved ones. Although many of us have replaced the regular watches or clocks at home by mobile phones, but this brand new design of clock will impress you. The next challenge will be guessing what the time is.

Eclipse clock by Rachel Suming
Rachel Suming’s eclipse clock – circle

The clock designed by Rachel Suming, graduated from University of Art and Design Lausanne, is made of engraved three pieces of 1.5-millimetre aluminium plates that overlap every three hours to reveal the time. These aluminium plates are powder coated in matte white. She created different shapes for the whole day and these aluminium motorized parts rotate independently. There are three ways of telling time during the day. The outer shape of the clock tells us which part of a day it by morphing from a circle into a hexagon over six-hour period time.

Eclipse clock by Rachel Suming
Rachel Suming’s clock – hexagon

The engraved lines form the number 3, 6, 9 and 12 every three hours. The arrow pattern in engraving points is in the same direction where the traditional clock’s hour marker would be. She thinks that the hands of the clock can be stressful for people and she would like to design a clock which shows just hours. This was the starting point for creating Eclipse, a project’s name. Rachel Suming said : “I hope my clock will help people let go for a while and lighten our present perception of time”.

The whole principle of showing the time

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Credits : google.com, googleimages, dezeen.com

Your industrial-style office

Movet Office Loft by SAF - Studio Alexander FehreDo you like metals, metallic colors and kind of industrial style and you are thinking about how to decorate and design your office? Then you will like this style of office designed by Alexander Fehre  for a German conveyor-belt manufacturer Movet. This office is located in an old industrial building in the town of Schorndorf,  outside Stuttgart.

The German designer wanted to keep the old industrial look of the building. Panels of aluminium mesh enclose the meeting space, so it creates a corridor between the platform and row of employees’ desks. It has a filter-effect for the open-space office.

Movet Office Loft by SAF - Studio Alexander Fehre
The platform in the center of the office

Many Movet’s clients have a metal-work background, so he created a space which it will be familiar to them and they will feel comfortable. The platform in the center of the office serves as kitchen for employees, an open-plan meeting room and a showing room for clients at the same time. Clients don’t visit offices so often as a company sells mostly online. Tables in the office have copper fixtures to keep place in even more industrial style. (via dezeen.com)

Movet Office Loft by SAF - Studio Alexander Fehre

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Credits : dezeen.com, googleimages.com

The Naked Beer That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Surely a package design tells us more than we could imagine. As the Chinese saying goes “You eat first with your eyes, then your nose, then your mouth”. In the beverage label design this is not different. Wine bottle is usually what gets more attention when it comes to label design, leaving popular small run craft beers behind.

But with US craft breweries embracing aluminum cans the fate of beer cans have changed dramatically. Aluminum is the perfect raw material since it provides a cheap, impact-resistant, recyclable packaging. Protection against light which could spoil the very carefully selected aroma of the beer can be minimized by using aluminum cans. Beverage poisoning when in contact with aluminum is also avoided by a water-based polymer coating process.

As a result of the trend for home breweries and craft beers we have sees an explosion of inventive, creative and original label designs. Following the wave of beer can designs, Russia-based designer Timur Salikhov takes the beer packaging to the next level by introducing the Naked Premium Beer. The idea behind the Naked Premium Beer is to show the beer on the inside of a can. He puts “sweat marks” on the cans, meant to instantly quench thirst in the viewer.


The Naked Premium Beer is only one out of many examples of clever merchandising strategy. The Naked Premium Beer canister is not a de facto transparent can that has nothing to hide and everything to boast with its appealing cold, delicious and perfect foamy beer. The artist uses printing and visual effect to give a convincing picture of what is inside the Naked Premium Beer. “There are many beer cans with different design. And there is only one that shows what really is inside. Why hide what good beer looks like?”, says Salikhov. So when one looks carefully at the beer can he/she will then realize they have been tricked. But too late unfortunately, after having your mouth water already.


Other less tricky are the top 10 coolest-looking beer cans from the most artisanal craft breweries to the brewing giants of MillerCoors featured on Thrillist by CraftCans.com guru and Canned! US author Russ Phillips.

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide range of metals such as aluminum, widely used in beer can manufacturing. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Our English speaking personnel will be more than pleased to help you. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

Source and photo credit: qz.com, adweek.com, thrillist.com, 1adt.com

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