Modernity In Cinema – Friend Or Foe?


The eternal battle against progress of the marring of romanticized art continues into cinema. The film industry is constantly in motion. While the stories that keep the Hollywood money machine churning run in cycles, technology continues to evolve with every passing decade. A new revolution is stirring as 3D releases, DSLR cameras and free Internet distribution (YouTube, etc.) bring the digital age of film-making to Hollywood’s front door.


One of the industry’s most renowned cinematographers, Roger Deakins, recently revealed his intention to move into digital photography. The man with nine Academy Awards nominations is making the switch. Many filmmakers already sit comfortably on the “dark side,” including the most well-known proponent of the digital format – Michael Mann.


But why would a 35-year veteran give up the authenticity of film for the sleek look of digital? The Artists depicts how such a progression in technology’s affects on those in the industry:


“The advent of the talkies sounded the death knell for George Valentin (Jean Dujardin)’s career as a silent movie actor and saw him fall into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo), it seemed the sky was the limit – major movie stardom awaited.” Rotten Tomatoes

Hence there are winners and losers in the evolution of cinema. Maybe Roger Deakins is attempting to avoid the fate that hit his past peers – and should be an indication of big changes to come.

videokilledtheradiostarOminous evidence of things to come?

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Siobhan R.// SMC Editor