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A new addition to the family is always an exciting and busy time.  From this point on the new parents will have to sacrifice their independence and freedom as they become inundated with new responsibilities and concerns.  This attention and responsibility used to be reserved for new children; however, as the developed world has seen birth rates plummet to all time lows children are slowly being replaced with pets and in particular dogs.


There are approximately 78 million dogs in the USA which means that there are more dogs than there are children under the age of 18.  This new found obsession with dog ownership is strongly linked to other demographic trends such longer work weeks, lower relative wages and a change in social values. Nicknamed “Generation rex” these dogs have literally replaced children for many people across the world and they have been receiving the treatment and care that would otherwise be reserved for a child.


The unconditional love and affection of a dog seems like an easy choice when compared to the diaper changes and temper tantrums that many parents dread.  Not surprisingly this love is reciprocated by dog owners which has led to the birth of an industry completely dedicated to dogs.  Everything from clothing to spas our dogs deserves only the best products and services.  You would do anything for your child and the recent trend shows that we will do anything for our dogs.


Shanghai Metal Corporation has been following this trend and is dedicated helping our furry friends achieve the best quality of life.  Your dog will love our dog house. You’ll love it too! A great value, this dog house features a classic barn look, an asphalt shingle roof with sheet lining, and a raised floor. It is completely non-toxic and naturally weather-resistant. For outdoors or in the house this dog house will make a great place for your dogs to get the rest and relaxation they deserve.


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Give Your Doggy A Warm Home

The number of ‘nuclear family’ is getting increased and pets are placing as partners of human. In Korea, about ten millions of people are keeping companion animals. Now, the living place is not only for human. We are sharing our places with companion animals. The furniture works as a tool of communion between human and companion animals. Sofa is enough to stimulate animals curiosity through their sight.

Dog House
Dog House

‘The Dog House Sofa’ is the furniture that people and their pets could use together. It produced with an eco-friendly wood, ash tree, and fabric. ‘The Dog House Sofa’ is a design which combines the ‘dog house’ and ‘sofa’.

Dog House
Dog House

Through that, a lot of interesting stories are made up by users and their pets. It uses eco-friendly materials. Based on sufficient research, the little puppy can live in it  to being an adult dog. The pet house is very strong, stable and semi-permanently.

Dog House
Dog House

The ‘pet bed’ has various colors and high quality fabric. Also, it uses the soft sponge rather than the cotton. It considers the pets weak-joints and gives pets safety and comfortability.

Dog House
Dog House

Also, the outer cover of pet bed can be separated and it helps users to clean the cover easily. Lining is 100% waterproof that user can cope with your pet’s urine. The appropriate percentage of dog house icon has applied in pet house. The pet house is a new conceptual pet furniture which get out from the expendable pet house.

Dog House
Dog House

Shanghai Metal Corporation mainly focuses on industry, while we still pay attention to our friends–dogs. Buy a dog house for your buddy! For our full list of products that we offer check out our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our LinkedIn group, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Try also our new mobile application by scanning the QR code below.

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Welding in Its Aesthetic Form

In the movie the Grudge Match, starred by Sylvester Stallone, Robert de Niro and Kim Basinger, Stallone’s character Henry “Razor” Sharp welds metal sculptures from metal trash in his garage. In real life, many welding artists’ artworks have left a mark in our modern culture.

  A welded predator from the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blockbuster movie.

Besides a process used in civil engineering projects, welding has gained a lot of popularity in sculpting art since the 1930’s. Welding is a fundamental method for reshaping steel structures and a way for some artists to give their contribution to art.


The Chicago Picasso in Civic Center Plaza.

For instance, Pablo Picasso designed a 50 feet and 162 ton sculpture as a gift to the people of Chicago. “The Chicago Picasso” was revealed in 1962 and has since stayed in good shape thanks to its protective coating of iron oxide. Other artworks worth mentioning are e.g. Richard Serra’s The Matter of Time found in Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, Jeff Koons Balloon Dogs and Alexander Calder‘s La Grande Vitesse in Michigan.


Just like welding industrial objects, also art welding requires a premium welding machine. Shanghai Metal Corporation also has to offer a high-quality welding machine that is widely used in boilers and other container manufacturing, electrical construction, the construction, aviation / aerospace industry, vehicle manufacturing and other industries in a variety of metals.



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Aesthetic Dog House Design

For some American homeowners their most important family member might be their four-legged friend. It can can be seen from an research conducted by the American Pet Product Association which states that 68% of all the U.S. households own at least one pet. During the same year over US $53 million was spent on pets.


As a result, architects, builders and interior designers say there is increasing demand for pet-centric spaces that are outfitted with pet-size furniture. Some design-conscious pet owners also are aiming to build their pets’ homes in an aesthetically pleasing way.



Building a doghouse that is just right for your dog can be fun and rewarding. However, if it is done without a plan and an understanding of how it fulfills its purpose and function, it can be a disaster. When building a doghouse, one must consider the proper size, design, building materials, construction, placement, and bedding for the doghouse. A doghouse’s purpose is to allow its occupant to be dry, out of the wind, cool in summer, warm in winter, and provide it with a place to feel safe. For more accurate tips on designing a dog house see this link.


Shanghai Metal Corporation also offers customized dog houses that will keep your pet dry. To get more information about our dog houses, please click here.

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