Use Galvanized Steel to Fight Raccoon Invasions!

As presented in the article on benefits of galvanized steel, galvanized steel offers the ultimate protective construction solutions in reasonably low long-term costs. If you consider the fact that galvanized steel lasts for a very long time, you will realize that by choosing galvanized steel you are spending very little money per year. Galvanized steel will protect e.g. your drains and roof from water, cold, heat, weather, as well as physical damage from impacts or debris, also from wild raccoons. The Canadian Federation of Human Societies has collected an article on how to tackle the problem of unwanted raccoon inhabitants with galvanized steel.


In Northern and Southern America, wild raccoons might set up a den on a rotten roof or uncapped chimney, or enter the attic from an opening. Raccoons are usually friendly but they might become violent in order to protect their young. Bright lights and excessive noise may scare them and make them flee. After ensuring that the raccoons have left, one should cover the hole with galvanized steel screening from the outside. The steel should be replaced so that it can be removed to check if the raccoon is still inside. Check the steel every day and if it stays unscratched for several days, you have been successful.


In the summer when attics and rooves become hot, raccoons may seek cooler shelter under decks and patios. In order to get them out, secure the perimeter of the deck with galvanized steel screen in an ‘L’ shape, leaving an opening for the animals to exit. Use the radio, lighting and place a bit of peanut butter to monitor when the animals have left.

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Tuomas P. // SMC Editor