A clock without clock hands – what time is it?

Knowing the current time is quite important for people. We want to be on time (well at least some of us), we check it every minute whether it is time to go home from work, we wish we had more time with our beloved ones. Although many of us have replaced the regular watches or clocks at home by mobile phones, but this brand new design of clock will impress you. The next challenge will be guessing what the time is.

Eclipse clock by Rachel Suming
Rachel Suming’s eclipse clock – circle

The clock designed by Rachel Suming, graduated from University of Art and Design Lausanne, is made of engraved three pieces of 1.5-millimetre aluminium plates that overlap every three hours to reveal the time. These aluminium plates are powder coated in matte white. She created different shapes for the whole day and these aluminium motorized parts rotate independently. There are three ways of telling time during the day. The outer shape of the clock tells us which part of a day it by morphing from a circle into a hexagon over six-hour period time.

Eclipse clock by Rachel Suming
Rachel Suming’s clock – hexagon

The engraved lines form the number 3, 6, 9 and 12 every three hours. The arrow pattern in engraving points is in the same direction where the traditional clock’s hour marker would be. She thinks that the hands of the clock can be stressful for people and she would like to design a clock which shows just hours. This was the starting point for creating Eclipse, a project’s name. Rachel Suming said : “I hope my clock will help people let go for a while and lighten our present perception of time”.

The whole principle of showing the time

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Credits : google.com, googleimages, dezeen.com