The Eden Project: Bringing The Ancient Copper Back To Life

Copper is known to be a major metal and an essential element used all around the globe. It is the oldest metal known to man and was first discovered and used about 10,000 years ago, however it was only alloyed in bronze circa 3000 BC, making it the first engineering material known to man. image

The first facts about copper relates to the pyramids of Cheops, located in Egypt. Archeologists have found water pipes partly made from copper. Piping network has been used in Egypt for more than 5000 years. Therefore, copper was believed as the symbol of the eternal life. In the hieroglyph system, the ancient Egyptian people utilized the ankh symbol to represent copper.


Nowadays, copper is not only restricted to piping work, but it has expanded to include heating, cooling and refrigeration, electrical wiring, electronics, power generation and transmission, automotive applications, antimicrobial uses and many more. Moreover, copper can still be considered a symbol of eternal life for the Egyptians; however it can also be considered a sustainable material; when taking in consideration the processes of extraction, production and retail.


Therefore, The Eden Project based in Cornwall, England is one of the most innovative and high profile of the Millennium Projects. It is the largest plant enclosure in the world built in the lightest and most ecological way possible. Eden’s aim was to build the Core (education center) with the highest sustainable specifications, challenging the conventions for sustainable design and construction, with targets above the national benchmarks and using carefully selected materials. The team considered the complex interaction between a range of criteria of sustainable issues, specifically waste neutrality, positive futures, recycled content, certification of materials and local sourcing implications.

Eden Project

The key criteria affecting the choice of roofing material were:

• to make a bold architectural statement to complement Eden’s ground-breaking architecture and landscapes;

• to be durable, strong and relatively lightweight;

• to be malleable enough to cope with the complex structure of the roof;

• to have excellent sustainability credentials, and

• most importantly for a building dedicated to education at Eden, the roof should highlight a progressive message relating to sustainable development issues.


Panoramic view of the geodesic dome structures of Eden Project eden3 eden1

While copper can be relatively expensive for a roof and is in strong competition with other roofing materials, it is robust, even when turned into sheets, malleable, completely waterproof and very long lasting: physical properties that made it ideal for the roof’s complex design. Aesthetically too, copper is the only common metal; other than gold,  that isn’t grey or silver, making it one of the most easily recognized metals, thus aiding engagement with visitors as a first step to relating the sustainability message.


As an international manufacturer and supplier for copper sheet and bronze sheet, Shanghai Metal Corporation produces slitting, edging, and oscillates winding to fit your specific copper requirements. For more information on our copper products please visit our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our Linkedln group, Facebook and Instagram.

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For Our French Readers: La Nouvelle Tendance de L’industrie Sur Façon de Faire Les Gazoducs et Oléoducs

Les tuyaux d’acier carbonique seront fort probablement la nouvelle référence dans l’industrie de la canalisation de gaz et de pétrole.


Plusieurs raisons mettent l’acier carbonique à l’avant des autres produits, dans les grands projets de conduites industrielles. L’acier carbonique a l’avantage d’être sûr et facile à travailler, car il n’a pas besoin de produits chimiques comme la colle ou des pesticides avant l’installation. La haute résistance à la corrosion, produit chimique, ravageurs et inflammabilité sont propriétés essentielles pour tous projets à long terme et cette alliage les a tous.


La fuite de gaz est l’un des plus grands problèmes dans l’industrie de la canalisation. Toutefois, ce problème peut être évité voir éliminé avec l’acier carbonique, car il possède une meilleure résistance aux chocs et une meilleure réponse aux vibrations de toutes sorte. Les chocs et les vibrations viennent  essentiellement de l’environnement avoisinant à proximité des lignes de conduite ferroviaire ou de la  haute pression lorsque la canalisation doit passer en eau profonde. Si les conduits  sont déjà en mauvaise condition ou si le matériel est de mauvaise qualité, des microfissures vont se créer et le risque d’une fuite de gaz augmentera pour chaque prochaine vibration.


Du point de vue économique et écologique, l’acier carbonique a la propriété d’être recyclable sans restriction sur le nombre de cycle, ce qui réduit les émissions de CO2, du fait que nous n’avons pas à extraire le minerai brut à nouveau. Pour tout projet vert ou ayant comme but un minimum d’impact environnemental, l’acier carbonique représente le meilleur choix pour les industries.

Shanghai Metal Corporation est un leader dans le matériel et l’équipement composé d’acier carbonique et d’autres alliages sur ​le marché avec le plus haut niveau de qualité et un prix abordable. Plus d’informations sur nos produits, visitez notre site ici. Assurez-vous de joindre les conversations dans notre groupe LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter et Instagram. Vous pouvez aussi lire le code QR ci-dessous pour communiquer avec nous.

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Turn on the Lights!

In 2004, a woman was driving a car in Pennsylvania. She was also followed by a police car that asked her to pull over. The woman was driving in a dark lit area, so for her own safety, she decided to drive a bit further and pull over in a well lit area. She kindly explained the officer why she did not pull over immediately, but she still got arrested and had to spend a night in jail.


There seems to be an ethical dilemma between the woman’s rationale and the law. On one hand it is just common sense to ensure one’s safety, but on the other hand the law enforcement officers have their duties as well.

The law of Pennsylvania is really simple, stating one needs to pull over immediately when asked. If one refuses, the officers might also think the driver is, say, smuggling drugs or hiding guns. Therefore, regardless of their safety, people have to pull over, even when common sense tells otherwise.


Nevertheless, there is a way to solve this dilemma without changing the law more complex simply by installing more street lights. Besides, LED lights are energy savers, highly efficient, environmentally friendly and have a long life span.

So the next question: where to get these LED Street Lights. Of course from Shanghai Metal Corporation. We sell LED lights that are five times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and that last for 50, 000 hours. That’s nearly six years.



To get a detailed description of our LED Street Lights, please visit our website. Please also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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Container Homes – Solution for Student Housing

In Finland there is a high demand for student homes as the number of available apartments in student villages is getting lower, and students are forced to pay a very high monthly rent. Some students have to pay over 800 euros rent every month. According to a survey conducted by the Finnish periodical Iltalehti, 40 percent of the thousand respondents said that their funds are really low due to expensive rents. They are now designing economical student homes, made of containers.

Harri Nordling, a Finnish container home designer, has designed beautiful container student homes. The container homes can be applied to build multi-storeyed blocks of flats using containers. This sort of solution has already been applied in Sweden. Container homes are easy to build. They are also low-cost and environmentally friendly.


The only obstacle for applying the solution seems to be on the legislative and ideological aspect. The local decision makers need to be convinced and societal acceptance needs to be acquired from a large audience. The container student homes have been presented in the city of Pori, where the solutions have gained positive feedback both from the city’s authorities as well as from the public.

The designed student homes are 14 square meters, including a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. They also plan to design a garden and some room for recreation on their roofs. It is yet uncertain when the container homes can be mounted, but it only seems to be a matter of time.

In Shanghai Metal Corporation, we also offer high-quality container homes for convenient housing. To know more, please see our container house web site. Please also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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