Container Libraries – The Little Helpers of Inspirational Education

A library made out of shipping containers in gaining popularity among the youth in the Netherlands. An architectural innovation designed by Jord den Hollander is a library on wheels that parks in schools to offer their students a new way of getting inspired to read books.

Den Hollander came up with idea by realizing that the narrow Dutch streets need a library that was also both narrow and could be able to have many books and a reading room. The BiebBus library is divided in to two sections, the lower section being the library and the upper section being the reading room. The library holds over 100 meters of books that the students can read lying on their beanbags upstairs. The remarkable interior design is emphasized by a transparent floor between sections.

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Another container library is set in Indonesia, where a company named Dpavilion architects has installed a container facility that operates as “the windows of the world” offering education, inspiration and entertainment for people with small income. The facility also has a container clinic that is to offer medical assistance for the locals.

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Shipping containers are made of durable steel that gives protection even in rough weather conditions. The simple steel structure and the standardized manufacturing process makes this superior construction material also really low-cost. Therefore the present and the future trends of affordable housing and sustainable architecture will be among shipping containers.

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Pictures and original articles: Inhabitat, Dpavilion Architects, Inhabitat, Domus


Hydrate with Stainless Steel Water Bottles

BPAfree signs

Like many of us, you probably have heard of BPA-free plastics. It is almost close to impossible to not have. In many stores and grocery chains, there is a great chance that consumers will come across BPA-free water bottles, bowls, spoons, cups, etc. Most individuals will try to avoid BPA, which is the abbreviation for Bisphenol A.

Skeletal Structure of Bisphenol A
Skeletal Structure of Bisphenol A

Who can blame them? Bisphenol A is a dangerous and toxic chemical to humans. BPA can cause cancer, brain impairment, and many other serious illnesses and complications. Unfortunately for us, BPA has been used and is still being used to make a variety of plastics and epoxy resins.

Bisphenol A molecule
Molecular Structure of Bisphenol A

Why do companies use BPA based plastics? BPA-based plastic is clear and sturdy, which is then used to make an assortment of common consumer goods. These products include water bottles, CDs, bowls, sports equipment, DVDs, etc. BPA based epoxy resins are used as coatings on the inside of many food and beverage cans. They are also used to line water pipes and in making thermal paper. Thermal paper is used to make objects that you may come across everyday or every week such as sales receipts.

Sales-receiptcanned food

You may think that you are being safe by buying BPA-free water bottles, but SMC wants you to think again. BPA-free water bottles could be just as detrimental to the health of human beings as old BPA-based water bottles. How come? Objects that are free of BPA often contain other chemicals that behave in almost the same way. These other chemicals may leach into foods and drinks without the consumer knowing. Once the body absorbs these chemicals, they mimic the sex hormones. For example, they mimic estrogen, which may increase the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes, infertility, and reproductive problems.


Be aware that BPA is not the only dangerous chemicals. The chemical, phthalates, is being used to soften plastics. Studies have suggested that phthalates were correlated to a reduction in male fertility for as much as 20 percent. Phthalates has been used as early as the 1950s.


What is one easy way to decrease your exposure to BPA and other toxic chemicals based products? Use STAINLESS STEEL water bottles. Make sure that the cap of the bottle is free of plastics. Otherwise, you may be hydrating with toxic chemicals. Stainless Steel water bottles are tough, durable, reliable, and easy to clean. Make sure to invest in a quality bottle in which you will never have to worry about fluids leaking or the cap unscrewing.

An example of a Stainless Steel Water Bottle
An example of a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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