Fight against smog !

Problems with smog are now not only Chinese issue. The number of cities dealing with air pollution is increasing and you have probably heard about current heavy pollution in Paris, a city of love. But it isn’t very romantic to spend a day with a mask on your face, is it?

Students at the University of California

A team of ambitious students at the University of California came with an amazing idea and developed a great weapon against air pollution. They created roof tiles coated with titanium dioxide which can break down smog-forming particles in the atmosphere and eliminate a big percentage of nitrogen oxide gas emitted by cars and power plants. Titanium dioxide is inexpensive chemical found in a huge number of everyday products. The interesting fact is that it is so inexpensive that the whole average-sized residential roof can be covered with it for $5.0.  Smog is cause by nitrogen oxide gases that react to sunlight and students discovered that using these special roof tiles can remove 88 to 97 of this oxide pollution and break down into less harmful compounds.


1. vehicles release smog-producing toxins into the air

2. smog-eating tile covered with titanium oxide responding to UV light breaking down nitrogen oxides produced by vehicles

3.  the process forms reside on tile until rain washes it away


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Silvia M.//SMC Editor

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The Connecting Landmarks

Bridges have always played an important role in the human history. At the very beginning their function, and the only function, was to connect river shores or to create an easier path above a deep valley. Today their highly important functionality in the complex infrastructure of many cities and countries is undeniable. But the bridges took on another role – they became landmarks.

Majority of the bridges is constructed from steel which is a versatile material that extends the life duration and is very easy to form. Steel bridges can exist for decades with only regular maintenance to ensure their safety.  Steel also has been recognized as an economic option for a wide range of bridges. It dominates the market of long span bridges, railway bridges and highway structures. These constructions usually have very unique design and very quickly become landmarks that are very popular tourist attractions. As an example :

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Amsterdam Red Bridge

Steel bridges are taking the advantage of the latest advances of automated production and construction techniques that helps to find economic solutions, ensure safety demands, rapid construction, flexibility for future use, aesthetics and shallow construction.

Using steel as a construction material also brings environmental benefits

  •  Steel is easy to recycle  and re-use
  •  Minimum CO2  and energy burdens
  • Minimum waste
  • Lightweight construction

Jana K. // SMC Media Editor