What’s terraform? What’s the relationship with fashion? One of famous fashion designer applied this concept into fashion, isn’t it interesting? Check this out!


Iris van Herpen, a Dutch fashion designer inspired by ‘Total Recall’ movie that explained about terraforming on Mars made her fall collection this year. Terraforming means hypothetical process that modifies the biosphere (atmospheric, temperature, surface topography or ecology) of other planet to be similar to Earth, so it can be inhabited by human.

Through her collections, van Herpen actualized terraform concept, which are abstract and not understandable into reality. “The whole concept of terraforming started in science fiction, but it has become a reality,” said van Herpen after the show.


“Hacking Infinity” was what Iris van Herpen called her show, is a fall ready to wear 2015 collections for woman. Her fashion show was held in Paris on March 10th 2015 at the Palais de Tokyo. This collection used a combination between stainless steel in the warp and silk in the weft, producing fine, fluid dress silk.


The process to transformed stainless steel and silk into a beautiful fluid dress silk is interesting. Iris van Herpen said she created this collection only by fire and there is no painting at all. “We created a really thin metal reef from stainless steel, and we literally melt it with fire, burning it, and we decide the amount of heat. This is all hand burnt, so each color that you see is done by fire.”


Iris van Herpen and team used 3D Systems concept for this “Hacking Infinity” collections. This collection is a combination between traditional handwork techniques with modern day digital technology, such as 3D printing and laser cutting. She collaborated with the Canadian professor of architecture Phillip Beesley to actualize this 3D collection and Aleksandra Gaca for fabrics and materials. For the shoes, she also collaborated with Japanese shoe designer, Noritaka Tatehana to create 3D-printed translucent crystal clusters and laser-cut leather.


Iris van Herpen succeeds to actualize what is called Science fashion. She used stainless steel, one of the metal products as material for her collection and then combined it with silk and 3D printing method to actualize her brilliant idea of terraforming concept. She sees technology from a very different perspective and used it as a creative tool.

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