Multiculturalism in the Workplace

Shanghai Metal Corporation employs people from all over the world in order to provide our clients with the best customer service and experience. Why is it important to have people of all sorts of nationalities and cultures working in the same environment?


As globalism becomes more and more prominent, multiculturalism in the workplace is increasingly becoming the norm. Employees have a great chance to gain exposure to new ideas and different points of view. This can help individuals think outside of the box and become more innovative when faced with problems.


After all, the more perspectives and ideas are used to solve problems, the more new and ground-breaking solutions that can be generated. For companies and employers, this can be very advantageous. If employees can see and understand beliefs of someone whose beliefs, ideas, and trains of thoughts are different from theirs, then they can open up their world view and gain the ability to solve problems based on their multicultural knowledge. Also, this can lead to greater understanding between colleagues and businesses.

1Another benefit of multiculturalism in the workplace is the ability to create a larger, broader network. Companies are able to build professional networks with people from all over the world. Corporations are able to conduct business in multiple languages and understand the differences between different and sometimes contrasting cultures.


Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading supporters and pioneers of multiculturalism in the workplace. We encourage all of our employees and interns to continuously pursue cultural awareness and global knowledge. Our teams are made up of professionals and specialists from different cultures. All of us work together and bring something unique to the table.

Written by:

Alexis Ty // SMC Editor

International HR Consultant