Are you bad at playing golf? Just keep a golf club, might be a good weapon !

Few years ago golf was still considered to be a sport of “a high society”. Businessmen in fancy clothes pretending that they love playing golf even if they don’t hit any holes. I would be quite angry and break that golf club and never came again. Nowadays golf has been becoming a sport for common people as well and it’s getting more and more popular. But do you know anything about how golf clubs were made of in history and how they are made today?

Golf clubs have gone through few changes over the past years. At the beginning golf clubs were just three branches shaped carved into a shape of a club. After some time this was changed and clubs were made of iron and a wooden shaft. As iron heads damaged the balls, iron was replaced by wood and wood clubs became standard.

Wooden heads

At the beginning of twentieth century golf balls improved that much that it was possible again to make golf clubs out of metals. Wooden shafts were simply replaced by steel ones. Although steel shafts are not as flexible as golf players would like them to be, but steel is still widely used followed by aluminium, graphite or even titanium.

Steel golf clubs

The main reason why golf clubs are made of steel is the price. Titanium or graphite are quite expensive and only a very serious professional golfer would invest into set of clubs made out of these materials. Steel club heads can reduce the total weight of a club and increase club head speed.

If you think you wouldn’t be a good golf player you can always get some steel golf club and use it as a weapon. One caretaker of a church saw some suspicious man who broke into a church. Caretaker grabbed a golf club and struck him breaking the club. The suspicious man was about to steal bicycles so golf club slowed him down and finally he was arrested by police.


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Amazing Scenery Built from the Money of Thousands of Oil Tanks

There are countries that really benefit of their huge oil reserves. Here are examples of some famous areas where oil has generated a luxury lifestyle.

Burj Al Arab Island

The United Arab Emirates has the world’s 7th largest oil reserves. The country is also a high income economy with the world’s 19th highest nominal GDP per capita.  Due to its high oil and gas reserves, the Emirates has been able to build the world’s tallest tower that rises to over 800 meters in the skyline of Dubai.

Burj ul Arab Tennis court

Besides the  Burj Khalifa tower, Dubai is also known for the world’s only seven star top-end hotel, the Burj Al Arab. On the hotel’s helipad above 210 meters from the ground, they have arranged some great stunts including Tiger Woods teeing off as well as Andre Agassi and Roger Federer playing tennis. In another Emirate city, Abu Dhabi, the Yas Marina circuit organizes its annual formula one grand prix in area with hotels and a Ferrari Theme Park.

The world’s richest country per capita Qatar has become one of the world’s largest centers in finance and education. The country’s 25 billion barrel oil excess has enabled it to build a beautiful skyline in the capital of Doha. Qatar is also know for Al Jazeera Networks‘ headquarters as well as organizing the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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