Are some things just useless?

There are many things in our life that we don’t really need so that we can survive. They are just here, they entertain us, some people find it useful, some older people might have a skeptical mimics on their faces and some are just obsessed with buying all of those most of the time not necessary things.

A special Grazing grill

Are you always the one who is standing  over the grill, checking the meat and the rest of family members just chill in the garden and wait for their steaks and hamburgers? Then you will be happy that Grazing grill was made.

A Grazing grill

A Grazing grill is a metal based and framed table for six people with an integrated two-burner gas grill in the middle. So everybody can cook their favourite meal at the same time while sitting together. You can sit wherever you want thanks to the grill along the table. What is more you can remove the top of this table and make more space for your plates and trays.

A beer briefcase for beer-drinking Pro

Do you think that walking around with six-pack of beers doesn’t look very fancy? Then you should probably look for this beer briefcase! It has designated slots that nestle around each bottle around a layer of protective foam. From the outside, a beer briefcase looks like every other briefcase for carrying important documents and office supplies. This shiny metal shell briefcase has even dual combination locks. Let’s get party started in the office!

A Beer briefcase

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Silvia M.//SMC Editor

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