What will be your Halloween costume this year?

Halloween is here in a few days and you still don’t have any ideas what Halloween costume you should wear? Don’t forget that aluminium foil can save your time, energy that you would spend on looking for the best costume and the most important thing – money!

Nowadays, Halloween has grown into a seven billion dollar industry and gets bigger (not just in USA). In 2013 two thirds of American adults celebrated Halloween. Can you imagine how many tones of costumes are used just once and then discarded?

This year’s Halloween there will be $1.4 billion spent on adults costumes, $1.1 billion on children’s costumes, and $350 million on costumes for pets. So much money for pets’ costumes!! It is time to start caring about our nature and environment. You can use aluminium foil for making your costume, it is cheap and recyclable. Here are some ideas :

Super Burrito

Have a burrito superhero costume and show your pride for your favourite taqueria!

Step 1 : Wrap yourself in aluminium foil. Step 2 : Tape a construction-paper with your favourite taqueria to your foil-clad chest. Step 3 : Find something cape-like and accessorize it with boots, tights and cute underwear. Step 4 : You are ready to rock the Halloween party!

Angel Investor

Impress girls with your “Monopoly” money!

Step 1 : Get a pair of feathery angel wings and attach them to the back of your jacket. Step 2 : Take $500 bills from Monopoly game. Step 3 : Make a halo from a rolled-up aluminium foil and make it hover above your head. Step 4 : Feel good, cause you are rich (at least during a Halloween party)


Be charming in a robotic way!

Step 1 : Get some boxes and cover them with aluminium foil. Step 2 : Make holes in those boxes so that you can put them over your arms, legs and middle. Step 3 : Practice your robotic speech. Step 4 : Find a robotic female and be happy together.

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Silvia M.//SMC Editor

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