Vymeň plechovky za hamburger!

Ľudia milujú jesť hamburgery a popri tom popíjať kolu z plechovky. Čo by ste však povedali na to, ak by ste mohli prázdnu plechovku vymeniť za jeden chutný, šťavnatý hamburger? Nie je to nemožné. Zbohom kuchyňa starej mamy.

DDB Štokholm a McDonald spolupracovali na reklamnej kampani v Štokholme vo Švédsku, aby prinútili mladých ľudí poupratovať za sebou plechovky od piva či iných nápokov. McDonald rozmiestnil mnoho ojedinelých bilbordov, aby posilnil odkaz svojej kampane.

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Reklama neobsahuje iba plagáty, ale tiež plastové tašky na zbieranie plechoviek. Ak potiahnete plagát za jeho koniec, igelitová taška sa oddelí a vy sa môžete pustiť do práce. Každá z týchto tašiek vysvetľuje princíp výmeny plechoviek za jedlo v sieťach McDonaldu. Za 10 plechoviek dostanete buď hamburger alebo cheeseburger, za 40 plechoviek dostanete Bic Mac. Bilbordy sú umiestnené väčšinou poblíž parkov a letných festivalových miest.

McDonald si myslí, že mladí ľudia, ktorí chodia na festivaly, tam utratia všetky svoje peniaze na pitie, tričká a lístky. Po celom dni tancovania, skákania a spievania na festivale, určite vyhladnú a pôjdu kam? No predsa s taškami plnými plechoviek do McDonaldu vymeniť ich za nejaké tie hamburgery. “Každý je šťastný. Plechovky putujú do recyklácie a ľudia dostanú svoje hamburgery.” hovorí DDB Štokholm.

Celý tento nápad by sa mohol stať dobrým prostriedkom na vyčistenie ulíc a komunity s nižším príjmom by si mohli trochu polepšiť. Čo však s tými nadbytočnými “hamburgerovými” kilami?

V Shanghai Metal Corporation máme takisto radi hamburgery a kolu v plechovke, no čo je podstatnejšie, ponúkame kvalitný hliník, ktorý sa používa v potravinárskom priemysle. Pre viac informácií navštívte webové stránky alebo nám zašlite dopyt a anglicky hovoriaci personál vám ochotne pomôže. Stiahnite si aplikáciu oskenovaním QR kódu alebo nás nasledujte na sociálnych sieťach.



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Bring a can, get a hambuger

People love eating hamburgers and drinking some Coke from a soda can. The idea of getting some juicy burger in exchange of soda cans sounds awesome and not impossible! Goodbye grandma’s cuisine.

DDB Stockholm and McDonald’s cooperated on a campaign in Stockholm in Sweden in order to make young people clean beer and soda cans after city’s endless festivals. To make this campaign more efficient, McDonald’s has installed unique advertisements.

green design, eco design, sustainable design, DDB, McDonald's Stockholm, Mcdonald's can exchange, recycling cans, recycling, recycled materials

The ads doesn’t contain just a poster, it also conceal plastic bag dispensers for collecting cans. Only thing you have to do is just tug on the poster’s bottom and a bag is yours, ready to go. Each of these bags explains the pricing for the promotion. For 10 cans you can get either hamburger or cheeseburger, for 40 cans you can get Bic Mac. The billboards are installed mostly near parks, summer festival areas.

McDonald’s think that folks going to music festivals, would spend most of money with their friends on festival tickets, shirts and drinks. After the whole day at festival, dancing, screaming, singing they are most likely going to be hungry. “So, accepting cans in return for burgers gets them to McDonald’s and the cans to the recycling depot. Everyone’s happy.” Simon Higby, a DDB Stockholm creative says.

It could be a great way of cleaning up the neighborhoods  and the communities with lower income could live better. But then young people have to jump and move a lot at festivals to get rid off “hamburger kilos”.

We like hamburgers and can of Coke in Shanghai Metal Corporation but what is more important, we offer high/quality aluminium which is widely used in a food industry and cans are made of it. For more information visit our website or send us inquiry. English speaking staff will guide you further. Download a new application by scanning QR code below.



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Pay For Your Burger With Recycled Cans

Recycled aluminum cans have never been so wanted these days. Coca-Cola is the greater innovator when it comes to marketing campaigns such as China’s Coke Lyrics and now the partnership with McDonalds’ Australia, Coke Rewards, giving away rewards as you collect tokens.


Now McDonald’s takes one step further as an effort to get its fair share in this endless social marketing industry. Following an eco-conscious marketing move, McDonald’s in Stockholm is using recycled cans as currency in exchange for burgers. Part of an interactive campaign designed to the food chain company the advertising agency DDB Stockholm has created a huge incentive to young Swedes unwittingly clean up after them, especially during the summer time when parks and festivals leave behind piles of emptied aluminum beer and soda cans around the city.


As DDB Stockholm puts it, “you’ll find a lot of young people with empty drink cans and empty wallets”. As Simon Higby, a DDB Stockholm creative, puts it, “Youngsters don’t always have so much cash, but sometimes they can get empty cans. So, accepting cans in return for burgers gets them to McDonald’s and the cans to the recycling depot. Everyone’s happy.”


All you have to do is to fill up a bag provided by McDonald’s with 10 cans in exchange for a hamburger or cheeseburger or 40 cans for a Big Mac. The recycling bags can be found attached to strategically installed billboards, which function as a dispenser for free bags – you just tug on the poster’s bottom to get your bag and you are ready to go to the nearest McDonald’s store to get your free burger.


The Swedish fast food chain now accepts “cards, cash and cans” and is an attempt to align the “making profit” during summer time with environmental concerns. By getting a burger the youngster will ultimately opt for fires or a drink to go with it, increasing sales of such items.


Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide range of aluminum sheet (aluminum plate) widely used in the manufacturing of Coke aluminum cans. To find out more about us, please visit our Website, WordPress, LinkedIn , Twitter , Facebook  and Instagram. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code. Moreover, we sell directly from Alibaba , EC21 and Tradekey.

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Source and picture: adweek.com, ddb.se, inhabitat.com, adweek.com, creativityonline.com, coloribus.com, 11even.net

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