Silver Water! Myth or Reality?

First I heard about Silver Water from my mom.  We used to have a bottle of water with a small silver spoon on the bottom. Once I asked her what’s for we need a silver spoon in the water, she told me that this little spoon will protect our family from any kind of disease. As I always believe my mother, I haven’t thought about it too serious until recently. Lets  see is a Silver Water myth or reality?

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So, when my mom said that silver water will protect us from disease, she basically meant that silver is a specific metals which can stop the growth of germs and microbes on contact. Silver and copper are best known in this regard and are often used in commercial applications. Among germicidal metals, however,silver is of greater importance because it is the only metal that is completely non toxic to the body. In fact, silver has been used since ancient times to not only keep stored water “sweet” and germ free, but also to speed the healing of wounds and minimize the formation of scar tissue. Also I even read an amazing story about a miracle effect of a silver water which helped to cure a bone infection. Check the article if you’re interested. 

Just think about, silver is everywhere… we are eating off silver plates, storing our water and wine in silver vessels, drinking from silver cups and eating with silver utensils.

But if the main purpose of a still water is disinfection, what stops us of buying a pure water which is also have a wide list of a good recommendations? I guess it’s all up every person decision. Here the link to the silver water company where you can find more detailed information.  Also you can check our website to read and know more about silver and any related products or send us your inquiry, we have English-speaking stuff that will help you to find the best product for you. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and download an application by scanning QR code below.



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The Best Steel For The Best Dish!

An interesting wok test compares the carbon steel wok again the stainless steel wok. There is a lot of debate over these two compositions of woks even if they look kite similar there are some important difference with their temperature reaction.


Most people prefer the carbon steel wok over the stainless steel wok because it has the most regular heat dispersion. This is not the case with stainless steel overheated and these hot spots can totally ruin a cooking and reduces long-term quality cooking. On the other hand, the carbon steel has good resistance to high temperatures and retains heat much longer than stainless steel woks for future use.


The only downside is that carbon steel requires slightly more maintenance to eliminate the appearance of rusting. We just needs to dry well and rub with 2 or 3 drops of oil to prevent any risk of rust.


To have a good wok stainless steel we have to choose the best quality of stainless steel and the final price may be higher than the carbon steel wok.  Overall, the carbon steel wok is a better choice for short and long term use.

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a large selection of carbon steel with the highest quality standard and an affordable pricing. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Our English speaking personnel will be more than pleased to help you. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

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What Time is It?

Before you tell me the time, take a closer look at your watch; now tell me what you see. The answer is not really the time, but the metal your timepiece is made of-Stainless Steel. Since its discovery, stainless steel has been experimented on and used in many different ways. Although most are fairly obvious, some can still surprise us, in this case with our timepieces.

Timepieces have been around since the 16th century, with steel playing an important role with the assembly and inner-workings of a watch. It was not until the discovery of stainless steel in the early 1900’s that watches would take a new step into reliability and functionality. Previous to stainless steel, a watch was a very meticulous part of one’s attire, due to its prone to stain, chip, and wear and tear timepieces were but for the elite, the aristocrats and rarely for the common man. As the evolution of watches took its place in history, different types of metals began to take part in its design and usage. It was not until stainless steel was introduced that led to a dramatic change in what we wear today.


The introduction of stainless steel towards watches led to many more individuals having the availability to wear them, the reason why is its versatility. Stainless steel clasps, and links turned skeptical watch users into admirers and aficionados. The use of stainless steel helped those who suffered from allergic reactions to: leather, rubber and other metals, fear no more. Not only was it healthy for its user, but due to its removable clasps, more and more users would be able to wear a timepiece of their choosing. Stainless steel brought to the table an odorless, stainless, multipurpose, aesthetically pleasing factor to our now every day time piece.


The benefits of owning a stainless steel time piece are endless, with many even outliving the watch itself. Now the question is whether this timepiece from the 16th century that follows us everywhere we go will actually outlive the new sensation iWatch launched by Apple.

As Stainless Steel Industry Professional, Shanghai Metal Corporation takes pride in the manufacturing of those products which are used in our customer’s daily life such as stainless steel which our company manufactures and supplies at the highest quality and most affordable price. With maintenance as simple as running it through warm water and a good buffing from time to time to keep that shine-stainless steel watches are here to stay.

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Food Trucks Industry Switching from Cheeseburgers and Fries to Lettuce Wraps and Kale Chips

Food truck vendors started to gain popularity in the United States around 2008, when citizens had to cut back on spending due to the economic downturn. Entrepreneurs saw this change in consumer preferences as a way to provide unique cuisine options to people at their convenience. Fast-forward five years, now there are many vendors in the marketplace and capturing the audience’s attention is becoming tougher than ever before. Now-a-days consumers are more cautious about the health benefits of the food they are putting in their body and, at the same time, are spending more and more time using technology to interact with the world around them. That is where unique marketing strategies by vendors come into play.

Many cities around in the US host a weekly event where food truck vendors gather at one location from lunch until early dinner. The event, called Food Truck Roundup, takes place at different lots across the city each week to attract customers from different areas.
Many cities around in the US host a weekly event where food truck vendors gather at one location from lunch until early dinner. The event, called Food Truck Roundup, takes place at different lots across the city each week to attract customers from different areas.

It is not difficult to get started in the food truck industry but differentiating yourself from the masses of other trucks lined up downtown during peak lunch hours is a different story. Many food trucks are pertaining to healthy eating lifestyles by offering food catered to those who are vegan or vegetarian. Imaner Consultants, an ethical organization who specialize in vegan website involvement, calculated that 95 percent of vegans go out of their way to buy foods from ethical companies. The group also discovered that 96 percent of vegans use the internet as a way of locating vegan products. Some food trucks have taken these statistics into consideration and work to enhance the social responsibility of their trucks and portraying their vision on social media sites. When catering to vegans, vendors consider not only the type of produce they use when preparing each dish but also the type of fuel used in their trucks and the types of packaging and utensils used to eat the organic dishes.

The Cinnamon Snail, based out of New York, New York, won Mobile Cuisine's 2013 Vegetarian/Vegan Food Truck of the Year. The truck is known for its assorted pastries and desserts, soups, salads, and burgers.
The Cinnamon Snail, based out of New York, New York, won Mobile Cuisine’s 2013 Vegetarian/Vegan Food Truck of the Year. The truck is known for its assorted pastries and desserts, soups, salads, and burgers.

Aluminum foil is used by many trucks as a way to serve hand held meals like sandwiches and wraps. The foil is not only an easy clean up for guests but its recyclable capabilities cater to those concerned with preserving the earth. Vendors see it as a way to get the food to customers quicker and using foil doesn’t require any extra packaging material. It is a cost effective way to ensure the food inside stays the same temperature from the time it comes off the grill to the time the consumer opens it up to enjoy. Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide array of aluminum foil for packaging. To read more detail on the types of foil we offer be sure to check out our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our LinkedIn Group, Facebook, and Twitter.

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