What do a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant and a local eater have in common?


What do a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant and a local eater have in common?

Answer-they both use stainless steel in their kitchen, in one shape or another. The world of professional cooking is a vigorous and every so changing and demanding world. From preparing the perfect cocktail, to pleasing the customer with small works of art, and of course to serving them a most memorable dessert. All and many more of these examples would not be possible and hygienic without the participation of Stainless steel.


Let’s view this idea as if you just had a long day at work, and just want to sit down and enjoy a great diner with no worries. You begin with a cocktail, a cold vodka martini which was possible by the stainless steel ice box, and the stainless steel shakers which chilled your cocktail at a rapid speed without diluting it. Before, this same cocktail would have been stirred, diluted, and not reach the ice cold feeling you are enjoying today.


Dinner has arrived! It is a perfectly poached Salmon with seared tomatoes and reduced vinegar glaze on top. A small work of art, and yet again this perfectly balanced dish would not have been possible without the assistance of stainless steel appliances. Since stainless steel holds on to temperature very well, and it is not affected by acids such as tomatoes, or vinegar; this dish you are taking pictures of and twitting about, could not have been possible without the help of stainless steel pots and pans.


Finally dessert; a curious pairing of frozen ice creams sitting on top of a variety of fried fruit, both curious and intricate. Again, difficult without the help of stainless steel appliances such as: the deep fryer and ice cream maker. Your experience has come to an end, and you leave with a smile on your face. You leave thanking everyone, except one silent participant, but it is ok, those pots and pans will be waiting for you for many years come.


The participation of Stainless steel is one who has helped raise the level of artistry in the world of professional kitchens, as well as in your kitchen at home. As Stainless Steel Industry Professional, Shanghai Metal Corporation takes pride in the manufacturing of those products which are used in our customer’s daily life such as stainless steel cutlery, kitchen sinks and a countless variety of stainless steel products, which our company manufactures and supplies at the highest quality and most affordable price. So you never know-you might have to also thank us next time you go out to eat.

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Source and Photo credit: trendhunter.com, foododdity.com, coroflot.com

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How Should You (Not) to Use Gold?


If only I had a lot of gold, I would have a bathroom of gold and every day I would use golden toilet paper to wipe my tush. Come on, who really wants to use gold that way? Well apparently there are people who do, because some companies manufacture gold bathrooms and gold toilet paper. People can purchase 22-carat gold toilet paper rolls with US 1.4 million in Dubai. These are not the only weird instances of using gold. The expensive material has made a lot of people crazy.


Some people take really extreme with gold. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Creative out-of-the-box thinking has made it possible for people to create beautiful gold masterpieces.


The list of unusual gold products is long. Vibrators, iPhones. MacBooks, Legos, Coffee makers, Christmas Trees and so on. There are even golden Porches and Mercedes cars. A golden iPhone 5 is worth of seven normal iPhone 5s.


Even more interesting is that they even make edible objects out of gold. There are gold cheese, ice cream, chocolate and mineral water with gold chips. Do some people actually have so much gold that they can afford to eat it? See the list of original articles to find out more of bizarre gold objects.


In order to find that much gold or even silver, you need a professional rock crushing tool for separating commercially valuable minerals from ores and a vibrating screen from locating them from the crushed rocks. Shanghai Metal Corporation has a long experience in offering excellent mining machinery for businesses worldwide. To know more about our machinery, please visit our website. Please also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Try also our new mobile application by scanning the QR code below.


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Pictures and original articles: Buzzfeed.com, Oddandstrange.blogspot.com, Nuffy.net, swns.com, Goldstriker

Chocolate Bar Industry Trends Are Volatile While Aluminum Foil Industry Remains Steady

Chocolate bars were the first product to be wrapped in aluminum foil in 1910 by the Nestle Company and the trend caught on like wild fire. Fast forward more than 100 years, the candy industry in the United States has had its ups and downs. Chocolate and candy consumption has followed the movements in the economic cycle; decreasing when money is tight during a recession and increase when consumers have more disposable income during periods of expansion. At the current state of the US economy, chocolate consumption is growing because people are more willing and able to spend their money on indulgences but in order for candy companies to stay afloat, they will need to adjust to consumers changing tastes and buying habits.chocolate market power

There are a few barriers in the chocolate bar industry. First, leading producers in this industry collectively account for an estimated 67.7 percent of industry revenue. This stronghold on market power makes it difficult for small companies to enter the market. Mergers and acquisitions are becoming more common, adding to the muscle of the few. Second, Americans are showing growing health concerns shifting demand for white and milk chocolate to healthier alternatives such as reduced-fat, dark, and organic chocolate. Lastly, the price of sugar is expended to increase later in the year, posing a threat to the industry. Large firms will be able to pass the cost increase on to consumers but many small chocolate shops will not have the ability to do so.

While health trends have hampered demand for industry products, producers responded quickly by introducing new products that appeal to health-conscious Americans.
While health trends have hampered demand for industry products, producers responded quickly by introducing new products that appeal to health-conscious Americans.

Luckily the aluminum foil industry has been less volatile than the chocolate bar industry. As producers become more creative with their packaging techniques, aluminum foil for flexible packaging has expanded into goods with steady demand indicators. Consumers are now looking for their food and beverage products to be transportable, convenient, and lightweight to accommodate their on the go lifestyles. Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide array of aluminum foil for flexible packaging options, for the full line of products visit our website here.

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