Did Aliens Visit Us 300 Million Years Ago?

The Voice of Russia has reported that a 300 million year old machinery part has been found in Russia, it might even be extraterrestrial.

An image of the mystery piece

A Vladivostok resident found a rail-shaped part in one of the coals in his fireplace. Intrigued by his discovery the man contacted some scientist who later confirmed the part to be manmade metallic object. It remains unanswered who actually manufactured it over 300 million years ago.

A question that interests Russian scientists is whether the aluminum alloy is of Earthly origin. It is known from the study of meteorites that there exists extra-terrestrial aluminum-26 which subsequently breaks down to magnesium-26. The presence of 2 percent of magnesium in the alloy might well point to the alien origin of the aluminum detail. Still, further testing is needed to confirm this hypothesis.

Reconstruction of the piece

Russian scientists, however, do not jump to conclusions on the parts origin and will run further tests to learn more about the strange artifact.

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Tuomas P. // Editor SMC