Music Made Physical in a Giant Container Guitar!

As our former article about Brazilian shipping container art showed, shipping containers can be utilized also in the art industry. Artists Marcelo Ertorteguy, Takahiro Fukuda, and Sara Valente have taken the concept of container art to the next level by creating the first playable shipping container guitar!


Like all of the guitars, this one also consists of metal strings, turning pegs, transducers and amplifiers. Eight strings are stretched eight meters across the container in a hyperbolic paraboloid shape. What’s more the strings glow in dark giving the spectators an unique visual experience of glowing strings dancing in the dark.


The artists wanted to create a space that allows people to feel how it feels to be inside a guitar. The Cargo Guitar allows visitors to sense music’s kinetic vibrations and physical responses in the container space. This innovative work is said to be a spatial intervention threshold between architecture, art and sound through a live interactive sound structure. It also won an award in the Art in a Container International Competition and will be on view at the Kobe Biennale in 2011.


 Shipping containers changed world in the 1950s by making international transportation easier and more cost-effective. They allowed millions of people around the world enjoy the imported goods they never had the chance to enjoy before. After that shipping containers became a mainstream in prefabricated architecture and affordable housing. Moreover, they are now also an instrument of art.


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Tuomas P. // SMC Editor

Via: Core 77 and Inhabitat

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