The SMC is honored to have its HQ in Shanghai – one of China’s most vibrant and beautiful cities.

Take a look at some of the stunning architecture near our offices, showcasing the epitome of metallic architecture:

The Oriental Pearl Tower


The Shanghai World Financial Center


Jin Mao Tower


Shanghai Tower


Tomorrow Square Building


Bund Center Shanghai



The Architectural Embodiment of the New Asian Century

Architecture is often viewed as form of art and beauty used to illustrate humanities creativity and imagination in a physical form. It embodies the mood of an era and the limit of technological advancement.

Shanghai skyline

However, power, prestige and wealth have always been illustrated through architecture.  The cathedrals of Europe were always the tallest, largest and most beautiful buildings in the cities as at one time the Catholic Church was the most powerful institution in Europe.  The modern world has seen religious power replaced with financial power and its symbols of importance and prestige are Skyscrapers.

Vaticano in Rome

Asia is developing at an incredible pace and soon the economy of China will surpass that of the USA.  Not surprisingly Asia has also become the new capital for skyscraper construction as the continent illustrates its new found financial power in physical form. One must only look at the skylines of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei to see that Asia is a rising financial power.  As with all monuments a level of grandeur is expected and the nations of Asia have most certainly delivered.

Skylines of Hong Kong

Taipei 101, Jin Mao tower and PETRONAS Towers all show a beautiful mix of inspired Asian design along with a Western embodiment of power.  Today the Majority of the 50 tallest building are in Asia and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Jin Mao tower
Taipei 101

Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of glass curtain walls which are required for the construction of modern skyscrapers.  Making certain that the glass of these new buildings is fastened securely means that we can continue to marvel at Asias new architectural prowess with the confidence that it will stand the test of time.

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The Make-up Artist of Buildings

The Shanghai Tower is a super high-rise building under construction in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai. It is designed by Marshall Strabalar as Chief Architect and Director of Designs for Gensler. Along with Jin Mao Tower and the Shanghai World Financial Center, it is the tallest of a group of three adjacent supertall skyscrapers in Pudong. The Shanghai Tower began constructions in November 2008, the building stands about 632 meters high and has 121 stories. It will be open to the public in 2015. For its simple but elegant outer wall, it uses the reflection glass curtain wall which normally applies to high-rise buildings.

Someone climbs the Shanghai Tower. Dangerous! Do not imitate!
Someone climbs the Shanghai Tower.
Dangerous! Do not imitate!

Reflection glass curtain wall is a fashionable and attractive method to decorate building wall, and it symbolizes the modern high-rise buildings era. The modern high-rise building glass curtain wall uses hollow glass which are made up by mirror glass and common glass, and the interlayer between the two glasses is inflated dry air or inert gases. Hollow glass has two layers and three layers. Two layers of insulating glass consist of two layers of glass adding sealing framework, which forms an interlayer space. Three layers of glass are made up of three layers of glass and form two interlayer space.

Hollow glass has the advantage of sound and thermal insulation, proofing frost and damp and can resist heavy wind pressure etc. It measures when outdoor temperature is minus ten degrees Celsius, the temperature before the single-layer glass window was minus two degrees Celsius, while using three layers hollow glass, the inside temperature could be 13 degrees Celsius. In hot summer, two layers hollow glass can resist about 90% solar radiation. Sunlight can still shine through the hollow glass but people will not feel so hot. It can be fairly mild in winter and rather cool in summer if using the hollow glass curtain wall.

curtain wall
curtain wall

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers Curtain Wall which is designed for modern residential building that can be integrated with different doors and windows system. For our full list of products that we offer check out our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our LinkedIn group, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Try also our new mobile application by scanning the QR code below.



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