Aluminium foil can be also used for protecting us from aliens?!

Aluminium foil is recyclable, shiny, cheap and versatile, so you can use it for lots of things. You maybe know about some tricks but I will tell you about the most interesting and surprising tips and tricks.


Soften brown sugar – sometimes it is not very easy to work with brown sugar. But it can be solved with aluminium foil! Wrap brown sugar into a foil, put it into oven to 300 degrees and after 5 minutes your sugar will be nicely soft.

Campsite cooking utensils – next time you go camping, you don’t need to take all of your kitchen utensils with you. All you must have for creating your own fashionable utensils is aluminium foil. For example you can make a frying pan using a forked stick with aluminium foil stretched over the crook or fold a spoon, fork, bowl, plate. Or use it as socks during the cold weather camping.

House, laundry, beauty

Speed up ironing your clothes – put some foil under ironing board’s cover and iron clothes on top of it. As the foil retains heat it will basically iron both sides at the same time.

Protect your glasses while dying hair – Do you need your glasses while dying your hair? No problem! Line the temples with foil to prevent dye from getting to your glasses.

Extend the life of soap – store your soap on aluminium foil to prevent it from water, so that it lasts longer.

And the best one at the end!

Protect your brain waves from eavesdropping and mind control

If you are scared that somebody (government or super-advanced alien races) could read and control your mind. To fight against telepathic control techniques you can fashion aluminium foil protective helmet. Berkeley engineers tested wave-blocking power of aluminium foil. Y can decide whether you believe it or not 🙂

Picture of Use it with technology

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Home decorated with copper cookware

Copper cookware doesn’t have to be used just for cooking and eating. There are few possibilities how to decorate your home using this copper cookware. It will definitely surprise your guests, make your home trendy, interesting and inspiring.

Copper in a living room

Maybe you think that copper cookware belongs just to the kitchen. Wrong. It can perfectly fits in a living room as well.  Shiny pieces of copper reflect light and add clean and airy feeling to the room. Copper pots are great as planters, round cruets are perfect for cut flowers. Copper plates can be a nice wall arrangement in your living room. They look good on white walls and can be combined to look like a sculpture or geometrically arranged.

A great place for well-used copper pieces is a darker and cozier room adding a historical charm. Copper kettles hanging over the fireplace bring us back to 1800’s. So romantic!

Copper in a dining room or a bedroom

Copper trays can be turned into a wall decoration. For example one horizontal or vertical line of three trays would complete one whole wall. Copper pitches or large copper kettles are lovely for holding fresh flowers. A small copper pitcher would serve as a water carafe on the table beside your bed. Or make some copper pot lamp!

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Container B&B Completes Your Dream Vacation in Spain!

If you’re planning a vacation in Majorca, this is the place where you want to lodge! Located 10 minutes from the capital Palma, there is a luxurious bed and breakfast facility that is made out of three shipping containers.

The “Fly House” B&B has basically everything that everybody wants from their holiday accommodation. It has a modern open planned living area with full kitchen,  living room and a rooftop bedroom.  The Fly House is also  equipped with high-speed Internet and cable TV.


This holiday bungalow also has an outdoor deck with a swimming pool and a BBQ dining area. The outdoor facility has also a private Japanese garden and a hammock for relaxation.

Even though its space is very limited, the room feels really spacious. Its spiral staircase saves a lot of space. Also its shelves and sofa can can be closed and opened with a push of a button for extra space.

This container complex was prefabricated off-site and plunked with the least amount of energy, waste and cost. Thanks to shipping containers, this facility can be easily expanded and transferred to a different location. Its solar panels enable energy efficient and low-cost electricity usage. Floor-to-ceiling windows illuminate the room with natural light. Rainwater is harvested by gutters and reused for outdoor plants.

The Fly House designer company Espai Fly would like to see their container housing business expanding from hotels to also cafes, retail outlets and even private homes.


Shipping containers seem to be the superior material for creating affordable real-estate that is both luxurious and affordable. For instance this private bungalow costs only about 110 US dollars a day. You can check the current prices and book from here.

While container architecture is going mainstream, Shanghai Metal Corporation continues in fulfilling shipping container orders from around the globe. If you wish to order this superior material, please send us an inquiry. You may also visit our container house page. Follow us also in these social media platforms.


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The Best Steel For The Best Dish!

An interesting wok test compares the carbon steel wok again the stainless steel wok. There is a lot of debate over these two compositions of woks even if they look kite similar there are some important difference with their temperature reaction.


Most people prefer the carbon steel wok over the stainless steel wok because it has the most regular heat dispersion. This is not the case with stainless steel overheated and these hot spots can totally ruin a cooking and reduces long-term quality cooking. On the other hand, the carbon steel has good resistance to high temperatures and retains heat much longer than stainless steel woks for future use.


The only downside is that carbon steel requires slightly more maintenance to eliminate the appearance of rusting. We just needs to dry well and rub with 2 or 3 drops of oil to prevent any risk of rust.


To have a good wok stainless steel we have to choose the best quality of stainless steel and the final price may be higher than the carbon steel wok.  Overall, the carbon steel wok is a better choice for short and long term use.

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‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’ – British Slang Translated

Have you ever hung out with a British friend and laughed along with the joke, but just didn’t quite get it? You two may technically speak the same language, but when they use British slang it all goes out of the door.


Well, here are the main British slang phrases that I’m sure sounded like gibberish at the time but will now become crystal clear:

I’m not being funny but…- not to be rude, a precursor to an insult to soften the blow usually

Lost the plot – gone crazy

Cheers –an informal thank you

Quid – 1 unit of currency

Taking the pee/mick – mocking, taking advantage of someone

Sorry – very casually used, doesn’t always mean an apology

Dodgy – suspicious

Sick – Cool

Deep – Can mean either harsh or profound

Everything but the kitchen sink = every resource possible was used

Speaking of, Shanghai Metal produces stainless steel kitchen sinks at manufacturer prices. As an ISO 14001 (International Quality Management System) Company and recipient of the “Star Enterprise Award,” Shanghai Metal Corporation prides itself on exceeding international standards of quality and reliability.


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Sources: BBC America, Urban Dictionary, Anglotopia

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For our Spanish readers: ¿Que Tiene En Común Un Restaurante Michelin Con El De Vuestra Casa?


“For our Spanish readers,tenemos algo especial para vosotros. El articulo de hoy viene de una parte muy especial para mí-la cocina”.

Respuesta – ambos tiene acero inoxidable en la cocina, en una forma u otra. El mundo de la cocina profesional es una vigorosa, tan cambiante y exigente. Desde la preparación de un cóctel perfecto, hasta para complacer al cliente con pequeñas obras de arte, y por supuesto a completar el servicio con un postre memorable. Todos y muchos más de estos ejemplos no sería posible e higiénico sin la participación de acero inoxidable.


Vamos a ver esta idea como si acabas de entrar a un restaurante después de un día largo del trabajo, y sólo quieres sentarte y disfrutar de una gran cena y no preocuparte. Comienzas con un cóctel, un vodka martini bien frío, que fue posible gracias a la caja de hielo de acero inoxidable, y los agitadores de acero inoxidable que enfrían su cóctel a una velocidad rápida y sin diluir. Antes, este mismo cóctel óbviese sido agitado, se diluirla, y no llegaba a la sensación de frío que está disfrutando en la actualidad.


¡La cena ha llegado! Es un salmón escalfado perfectamente con tomate chamuscado y la reducción de vinagre esmalta en la parte superior. Una pequeña obra de arte, y una vez más este plato perfectamente equilibrado no óbviese sido posible sin la ayuda de los electrodomésticos de acero inoxidable. Como acero inoxidable se aferra a la temperatura muy bien, y no se ve afectado por ácidos como el tomate o el vinagre; este plato estás tomando fotografías y subiéndolos a twitter, no podría haber sido posible sin la ayuda de ollas de acero inoxidable y sartenes.

Finalmente el postre; un curioso combinación de helados congelados se sientan encima de una variedad de fruta frita- a la vez curioso y complejo. Una vez más, difícil sin la ayuda de los electrodomésticos de acero inoxidable, tales como: la freidora y fabricante de helados. Su experiencia ha llegado a su fin, y te dejo con una sonrisa en su rostro. Dejas agradeciendo a todos, excepto uno de los participantes de silencio, pero está bien, esas ollas y sartenes estarán esperando por ti durante muchos años por venir.


La participación de acero inoxidable es uno que ha ayudado a elevar el nivel artístico en el mundo de la cocina profesional, así como en la cocina de tu casa. Así que nunca se sabe – puede ser que nos tengas que también agradecnos la  próxima vez que vayas a comer.


Si usted está en necesidad de acero inoxidable de alta calidad, aquí en Shanghai Metal Corporation enorgullecemos en la fabricación de esos productos que se utilizan en la vida diaria de nuestros clientes, como cubiertos de acero inoxidable, fregadero de la cocina y una innumerable variedad de productos de acero inoxidable, que nuestra empresa fabrica y suministra a la más alta calidad y el precio más asequible.

Para obtener más información sobre el material de acero inoxidable por favor visite nuestro sitio web . Asegúrese de unirse a la conversación en nuestro grupo de Linkedin , Facebook , Twitter y cuenta Instagram . También puede probar nuestra nueva aplicación móvil escaneando el siguiente código QR ​​con su tableta o teléfono inteligente .

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Stainless Steel Cookware, the Safe Option

You probably think that if your food is thoroughly cooked, then the food is safe enough to eat. However, did you ever stop and think about your cookware? How safe are your pots, pans, and utensils?


Like most people, you may be unaware of the possibility of your food being filled with particles from your cookware. If that is the case, now is the time for change. A safe alternative to regular cookware is Stainless Steel cookware. Why Stainless Steel? Stainless Steel resists corrosion. This means that the surface of stainless steel will last for a long time. The materials will not break off or flake. With Stainless Steel, you will not need to worry about contaminating your food with chemicals and metal particles. When it comes to your health, you cannot take chances.


The best part of choosing stainless steel cookware is that they are extremely sturdy and durable. You will even save disposable income because they do need to get replaced often. As a matter of fact, stainless steel will outlive any non-stick surface. Many may argue that non-stick cookware is easier to clean, but stainless steel is actually the better and the healthier investment for you and your family.


In truth, Stainless Steel cookware may be a safer option than most if not all non-stick pots and pans. Why? Non-stick cookware will corrode faster and will contaminate food more than stainless steel. Will you take the risk of melting the Teflon coating off of your non-stick cookware? Melted Teflon is extremely hazardous and toxic. Stainless Steel is not difficult to clean with proper care and proper use. On top of that, you do not need to worry about melting Teflon off with stainless steel cookware. With most non-stick cookware, there is a heat limit. If you surpass the heat limits, you may be endangering yourself and your family.

Melted Teflon
Melted Teflon


Remember that Stainless steel combines many metals including nickel, manganese, chromium, etc. Make sure to purchase high quality stainless steel cookware. The better the quality of the stainless steel, the less amount of nickel will get into your food. For example, if a pot is made from a type 430 stainless steel, then you know that it contains less than 0.50 percent of nickel. The chances of contamination are very minuscule. In the end, the choice is up to you. Research the type of stainless steel cookware you wish to purchase. Make sure you are getting the high quality Stainless Steel that you deserve.



Think about using Stainless Steel utensils as well. Utensils get washed and used everyday. You want to make sure that the utensils you are putting in your mouth are safe for your health. As far as safety of the food, performance, and longevity, your best bet truly is Stainless Steel.


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