The Walking under Ladder Superstition Has Its Origin in Ancient Egypt

When you see a black cat crossing your path, you panic? When it is Friday the 13th you rather choose not to go anywhere and just stay at home hidden under the blanket? Well, you are definitely superstitious! Sometimes I am just wondering whether there is a logic explanation and origin of the superstitions or it is just a plain common sense.

The walking under ladder superstition

Back in ancient Egypt, priests placed ladders in the tombs for dead people, so if they wanted they might have decided to ascend upward. The created area between the ladder and the wall was believed to be the space of spirits. Ladder leaned against the wall and formed the natural triangle that was believed to be sacred. It was also a space to be avoided as spirits rest there.

Those who somehow walked under the ladder could placate the disturbed spirits by placing their thumb between their index and middle finger. That is the method of warding off the bad luck. People who walked under the ladder in Middle Age in Christian Europe would cross their fingers on both hands, sign of a cross protected them from any evil lurking in the space between the ladder and wall. The interesting fact was that if you were forced to walk under the ladder against your will, you could receive something you wished for.

Although there are still people who are superstitious, nowadays ladders have become more a tool that can cause a lot of accidents. According to the study of American Journal of Preventative Medicine, there were 2.1 million of people sent to hospital because of ladders in years between 1990 and 2005.

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Using pipes for creating a spectacular culinary experience

There are many restaurants in the world which are good, interesting, serving nice food, having brilliant staff or location. If you want to set up your own business, open your restaurant and be successful you’d better be different. Offer something different so people can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere while eating, as did one restaurant in South London and a coffee shop in Cape Town.



Bangalore Express Restaurant

closeup-pipe-fittings-viewThis Indian restaurant located in South London with design studio Outline matched pipes and fittings together which is nowadays one of the hottest industrial trends for restaurant design scene. Arrangement of pipes, fitting ladders and focal boxes created each space into a separate area but it still maintains the cohesion throughout the restaurant. The eye of customers naturally follow the pattern from one side to the other. This would never be accomplished with wood. Pipes can easily create ladders and handrails. All the Outline team had to do was insert fitting into each pipe section and then secure those pieces into wall. Pipes and fittings stand up the hustle bustle of hospitality industry without any problem. Although it looks dangerous, waitresses can relax and smile, they are secured by almost indestructible pipe.


Truth Cafe

steam-1This coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa, was designed by Heldane Martin and it is really hard to pass it up. He wanted to make coffee machines and coffee roasters look similar to Victorian futuristic fantasy style, what an interesting idea! Truth coffee wished not only to roast best coffee but also offered a perfectly executed space. Everywhere you look you can see steam pipes, vintage decoration and what’s more restrooms have exposed copper pipes, old mirrors and Victorian tap levers.





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Silvia M.//SMC Editor

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