What in the picture is made of steel?

People might think that steel is used just for boring technical purposes. Steel components, machinery, steel bridges or buildings. Actually there are some interesting ways and new-found purposes involving steel. Have you ever thought of having “steel trees and flowers” instead of the real ones? You don’t to have water them!

1. The Landscape architecture


The landscape architect Margaret Joplin designs the salvage steel “weave” for client’s yard. She collects dozens of steels, stainless steel and creates the amazing object.

2. The architecture 

If you want to build a house you can have an inspiration and use steel in a nontraditional way.The architect Jason Gallo and Mary Hardin built the house where visitors are not only welcome by steel gate but also by steel staircase which is not slippery thanks to adding some steel pieces in it. The third “steel thing” in the house is the patio guardrail. Finally the steel back gate says “goodbye” to all visitors.

Steel staircase
Steel back gate











3.  The home owner 

You don’t have to be an architect to make your home more interesting. As a guy from Arizona Tim Hagyard, instead of replacing the old fence in the backyard,  he decided to place the steel sheets in front of the eyesore.

Tim Hagyard’s fence


He also used steel inside the house. He made a steel bar counter. It took just cutting steel in his desired shape and support it with building the supporting structure.

A steel bar counter

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Silvia M.// SMC Editor

The original articles and pictures : 3storymagazine.com, designboom