The End of Metal Keys?

We don’t really pay attention to small things around us that are naturally just here, existing with us quietly and serving us. One of these are KEYS. Nowadays, they are most commonly manufactured metal objects in the whole world that enable us to open our physical properties – cars, buildings, safes and many others.

As a lot of things, origin of keys also dates back to ancient Babylon and Egypt, when first locks appeared. Egyptians used a wooden toothbrush-shaped key for lifting small pins in wooden locks and unlock the blot. The big disadvantage was that keys and locks were made out of wood and they were quite heavy and bulky.

In ancient Rome, engineers and inventors managed to improve a wooden Egyptian design of locks and keys. By using iron and bronze were able to produce much stronger and smaller locks and keys that could be carried on person.

Old Rusty Keys

Modern “flat keys” were firstly introduced to the public by Linus Yale in mid 1800’s. By using tumbler lock and more sophisticated way of regulating the pins, these flat keys become instant success across entire world. However nowadays electronic locking become more and more popular.

Hotel industry was one of the first that introduced key cards (Atlanta, US, 1979). It was basically a simple card with few holes in it that helped to reduce the electricity waste, hotel staff knew when the guest was still in a hotel room and what is the most important, they didn’t have to change the lock when the key was lost.

Electronic keys are becoming trendy, many brands of cars have key-less ignitions, Hilton hotel chain in US is planning to enable their guests to open their rooms with their smartphones. Electronic keys might control your front door via Bluetooth, open the door automatically when you are nearby, send virtual keys to your relatives and friends or control what time certain people have the access.

Many people may argue that their homes are too precious to entrust technology, key-less systems and smartphones. It could stop working when there is a fire or power cut. What to do then? Although this idea is brilliant and with current innovations might work properly and give us new options, metal keys are still cheaper and safer way of protecting and locking our homes.

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Silvia M.//SMC Editor

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