The Benefits of Bamboo Plywood

In many countries, bamboo is utilized as a building material. It is strong as steel in tension and stronger than concrete in compression. It is also easy to work with because it is much more lightweight than wood, concrete or steel. It has therefore a great ration of strength to weight.

Other than its strong physical properties, bamboo has the advantage to be easily available. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant on Earth, with reported growth rates of 250 cm in 24 hours, depending on local soil, climatic conditions and species. Bamboo grows so fast that it can produce 20 times more timber than tress on the same area of land.

Bamboo also has environmental benefits, it can grow and spread quickly without fertilizers, pesticides or much water. A bamboo grove releases 35% more oxygen into the air than similar-sized trees.

Main uses of bamboo plywood :

Given the increasing awareness of global environment, bamboo, as a fast-growing, high-yielding and sustainable natural resource is gaining more and more advantage over timber and steel.

Architectural cement formwork

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Used as a substitute for steel,  bamboo plywood formwork can improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of concrete. It is strong, lightweight, does not rust, has smooth surface, low heat conductivity and low water absorption.


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Bamboo is as dense as the largest hardwoods, making it water resistant, longer lasting and therefore more sustainable. Bamboo flooring is more resistant, harder and more stable than oak!

Bamboo Packing Board

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In places where wood resources are difficult, bamboo packing board is the solution.

Check out this website to see other inspirations of using bamboo plants.

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50 Shades of Stainless Steel (304) – #1

The basis of this selection is based on information found on different internet websites including the one from the British Stainless Steel Association.

Not surprisingly, the first grade is 304 (1.4301) and its variants are the most common grades in the SSAS database. This reflects the market as a whole.

Approximate Composition – 18% Cr 8% Ni (exact composition ranges vary between EN and ASTM standards).

This grade combines the following characteristics:

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good weldability
  • Excellent ductility giving stretch formability in pressings
  • Hygienic surfaces
  • Work hardening for spring properties
  • Ease of manufacture at the steel mill

This combination of properties leads to the grade being used for a wide range of applications including:

Sinks, pots and pans, catering surfaces, architectural cladding, handrails, food processing, water treatment, pressure vessels, transport containers, surgical instruments, building support products, refrigeration equipment, watch cases, automotive trim, street furniture, anaerobic digestion, chemical plant, sanitary ware.

This is merely a sample of the applications for 304/304L (1.4301/1.4307). Despite the competition from grades with a similar corrosion resistance, this grade is likely to continue to form the backbone of the stainless steel market for some years to come.

Sample applications:

Figure 1: Stainless Steel Sink (Picture from
Figure 2: Food & Drink Processing (Picture from

Because this is one of the most well known stainless steel grades you will find a lot of products from Shanghai Metal Corporation existing out of this material. For example we offer various Strips / Tapes / Bands and much more using 304 materials.

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Movie myths about swords

I have always wanted to hold a real sword, fight against all enemies and become a beautiful respected heroine. When I watch movies where good fights against bad and good almost every time wins I am wondering… How are real swords made?

Swords Katanas

Quentin Tarantino or Japanese comic books show Katana as a magic weapon. It is sharp and strong enough to cut through metal, bone or any object you need to cut. Is this sword so amazing because it is folded thousand times and beats non-folded metal?

Reality : Japanese sword-smiths used a metal know as tamahagane. West refused to use this metal for making weapons because it contained a lot of carbon. So process of folding of metal started as a way to get rid off carbon. Real Japanese sword-smiths folded metal about eight times as they knew that folding metal hundreds times would make your Katana soft and ready to become a toy for kids. Last thing to mention is that even if you have a good Katana sword you need a special training how to use it.

“Only a Japanese blade can end something this perverted.” Pulp Fiction

Swords always start as a molten material

Many people believe that every powerful sword came to the world as a molten hot steel. It is very magic to imagine that all of those swords which kill so many bad guys were liquid at the beginning.

Reality : It is very useless and pointless to make a sword like this. Steel blades that start as liquid material could be good just for your home’s collection of swords. Sword has to start as a huge metal piece to become strong.

The Sword of The Witch King – Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

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Čínsky kontroverzný umelec a jeho diela z kovu a bicyklov

Ai Weiwei, súčasný čínsky umelec, narodený v Pekingu, Čína, je aktívny nielen v sochárstve, architektúre, fotení, filmovom umení ale dokonca sa aktívne podieľa na spoločenskej, politickej a kultúrnej kritike krajiny. V roku 2008 spolupracoval so švajčiarskými architektmi Herzog & de Meuron ako umelecký konzultant pri stavbe Pekingského národného štadióna pri príležitosti Olympijských hier v Pekingu.

Kov ako inšpirácia

refraction-ai-weiwei-alcatraz-2Ai Weiwei vytvoril masívne kovové vtáčie krídla. Chcel reprezentovať slobodu, ale jeho umelecké dielo je imobilizované ako uväznený vtáčik v jednom z najznámejších amerických väzení – Alcatraz. Je to viditeľné len zhora a návštevníci sú umiestnení ako autority, ale stále nemajú plný prístup k dielu.

Toto dielo váži viac ako 5 ton a celé je zasadené pevne v zemi. Krídla sú zhotovené zo špeciálnych kovových hrncov, ktoré odrážajú slnečné žiarenie a z rýchlovarných konvíc. Tieto hrnce sú typické pre Tibet (jedna z oblastí Číny). Dielo je akousi slovnou hrou, ktorá spája kvalitu kovu a koncept slobody.










V Číne patrí bicykel medzi najpoužívanejšie prepravné prostriedky. Avšak Ai Weiwei odstránil primárnu funkciu bicyklov and urobil ich statickými. Vytratila sa sloboda spojená s bicyklovaním. Bicykle sú nakopené pohromade a vytvárajú labyrint, ktorý ich neustále udržuje nepohyblivými a nepoužiteľnými. Návštevníci môžu stáť pod bicyklami, skúmať dielo z iného uhla pohľadu a získať tak inú perspektívu.


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Chinese controversial artist and his metal art

Ai Weiwei, a Chinese contemporary artist, born in Beijing, China is active in sculpture, installation, architecture, photography, film but also in social, political and cultural criticism. He collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron as the artistic consultant on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics.

Inspiration in metal

refraction-ai-weiwei-alcatraz-2Ai Weiwei created a massive metal bird wing. He wanted to represent freedom but the installation is immobilized like a trapped animal inside one of America’s most notorious prisons – Alcatraz. It can be only seen from above. Visitors are placed as an authority but they still don’t have full access to the installation.

It weights more than five tons and the whole sculpture is earthbound. The wings are made from reflective solar cookers and kettles used in Tibet. His artwork is kind of a word play, merging together the material quality – metal and concept of freedom.



Inspiration in bicycles

forever-bicycles-ai-wei-wei2Cycling is one of the most common forms of transportation in China. However, Ai Weiwei removed their primary function and made the static. There isn’t anymore freedom associated with cycling and bicycles are piled together forming a labyrinth that keeps them immobile and useless. The visitor can stand below the installation and observe details from new angle and gain a new perspective on the bicycles.


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