Woman Addicted To Eating Mattresses

The TV show ‘My Strange Addiction’ seeks to find the most obscure obsessions – chocolate and cigarettes just won’t cut it here. So during their two-hour premiere event, viewers were introduced to Jennifer. For more than two decades, Jennifer has been eating mattresses. She said that she ate about a square foot of mattress each day.


“I start out with the good stuff. The good stuff to me is the pillow-top itself,” Jennifer

She admittedly only eats until she reaches the springs, or when it ‘starts to smell funny’. Doctors have advised Jennifer that she would die if she continued – to her surprise. While it was a serious health matter, themattresseatingwoman2 Philadelphia Inquirer’s David Hiltbrand couldn’t resist joking, “We would have thought a steady diet of mattress would make you drowsy.” She has since vowed to stop at the concern of her family.

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