It looks incredible when you see an aluminum scrap turn into a piece of artwork. Who would have thought that a piece of copper that seems trashy can be a beautiful painting? This is the magic of metal art!


Metal art defined as any art work that is made from the ‘ores of the earth’, like aluminum, copper, gold, bronze, tin, lead, silver, or iron. It can be in the form of painting, sculpture, jewelry, or any others art works that can be either decorative or useful. For example, cups that made from metal in the Early of Bronze Age. This metal cups is for drink containers and also accomplishing the decorative or art purpose.

Metal art include in the history of art. This was happened after the Stone Age or Neolithic era. The origin of most popular metal’s art work came from the European country, like Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Rome, and Greece. The metal art history was called the Metal Age, most of them was used the elements such as copper, bronze, and iron. Metal Age has few of different eras, among them are the Cooper Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.

cooper-bronze-iron age

The Cooper Age or known as Chalcolithic is a transition between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, it was included in the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age is an era that characterized by the use of bronze in many regions. It is the second principal period of the three-age Stone-Bronze-Iron system after Neolithic period. At this time, they made this ‘bronze art work’ as a trade tools. The Iron Age is the last period of the metal art’s history. It was happened after the Bronze Age and was discovered in Anatolia at 1200 BC. This Iron Age used iron or steel to make weapons, personal ornaments, pottery, and decorative designs.

david smith

The metal art was popular in the ancient time and it’s also still last until now! It is a famous art in Europe, America, Asia, including China! The most popular metal art’s artist is Roland David Smith. He is an American Abstract Expressionist sculptor and painter. He is experts for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures. Most of his artworks were displayed in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, both outdoor and indoor. One of his indoor’s artwork is “Ancient Household”. This was made in 1945 and was made from bronze. Pittsburgh Landscape, one of his outdoor’s artwork was made in 1954 made by steel and also displayed in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

ai weiwei

Chinese artist also use metal as his art works and the most popular Chinese metal art’s artist is Ai Weiwei. He is a Chinese contemporary artist and activist. He became one of the artistic consultants on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics. One of his popular metal’s artworks is “Straight”, was displayed at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale. It represents the tragic earthquake that hit Sichuan, China in 2008. The “Straight” made from 150 tons steel rebar that recovered from the schools which collapsed in Sichuan, China.

It is interesting how a scrap or trashy metal products can be beautiful artworks, right? Shanghai Metal Corporation as one of the representatives of the metal industry can help you actualize the beauty of metal art!

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