Be cool, save energy and pay less

While building a house there is always a question what kind of roof to choose, what colour, should it be flat or pitched. When you live in a hot climate the answer is clear. A metal cool roof!

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A cool roof can reflect sunlight and cools itself by emitting the radiation to its surroundings. Isn’t that cool? The roof literally reduces the amount of heat. Two basic characteristics of the roof are solar reflectance and thermal emittance. It is like wearing a white t-shirt on a hot day, it reflects more sunlight and absorb the heat.

  • reducing energy use – as a building stays cooler, it uses less energy for air conditioning
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution
  • improving human’s health and make them feel comfortable – cool roofs prevent heat-related illnesses and deaths
  • extending roof life and lowering roof maintenance costs

metal_roofMetal cool roofs might be one of the solutions for polluted cities. They have significant environmental benefits besides using cool roofs cool the cities. Increasing workplace productivity and decreasing pollution can be achieved by using metal cool roofs. Cool metal roofs actually last longer than standard ones because a cool roof doesn’t heat up that much.

cool roof

What’s more cool roofs are typically light in colors so they can perfectly be a part of the architecture for those who might consider it as an important feature. As today’s range of cool roofs is pretty wide and there are a lot of manufacturers, it can be a real challenge to make a good choice.


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Very Affordable, Metal Roofing Can Give You A Dream House

If your company is facing an increasing demand for steel roofing, how can it be explained from a construction perspective?


Jean Dubois, an architect working for LAN, one of the leading French architecture company, answers ”Indeed this new material is little by little replacing the tiles system and is now the most demanded one for modern houses. Its success can be explained by its two main strengths. On the one hand it is very pure in both its shape and its uniform color; this is very sought in modern design. On the other hand, it is much more interesting on a price and sustainability perspective, compared to the market’s alternatives products”.


To the same question, Ted Smith, civil engineer working for a L.A. based building Construction Company, infinity remodeling, goes along with Jean Dubois’ point and explains the reasons. “This material is indeed getting more and more market share. 20 years ago, people were only getting a steel roof for its attractive price. Now that some leading metal corporations have implemented the galvanized technology into the roofing steel, there is no more corrosion. It improved both its longevity and looking aspect. People can get a super good and clean looking roof for a untold amount of time. This is why it is highly demanded in our newly ordered business offices”.

When it is cheaper, more reliable, more durable and cool looking, what is the point of keeping on using tiles? We, at Shanghai Metal Corporation, are committed to the sustainable manufacture of value added insulating galvanized steel products and prides ourself on exceeding international standards of quality and reliability. We guarantee the best prices, quality support, and fast delivery. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

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