Stainless Steel Monument Honors Heroes

From travel enthusiasts to art critics to history buffs, one can appreciate the new stainless steel sculpture created by the artist, Anilore Banon.

Photo of French Sculptor Anilore Banon

Anilore Banon created a nine meter tall Stainless Steel Monument that was appropriately named “Les Braves.” If you want to see it for yourself, feel free to visit the Omaha Beach in Normandy.


“Les Braves” consist of three elements: The Wings of Hope,  Rise of Freedom, and The Wings of Fraternity. This Stainless Steel sculpture is created to celebrate and honor the Americans who helped liberate France in a battle that started with D-day on June 6, 1944.


Anilore Banon’s “Les Braves” was placed where the original monument was located years ago. We thank the French government for commissioning this monument and sharing this magnificent Stainless Steel artwork with the rest of the world.

Les braves Stainless Monument resized 700

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