More Women Needed In The Mining Industry

The Chamber of Mines says that the industry has made “commendable strides” in boosting the number of women in the workforce and management positions.

“Indeed, more can still be done and the sector believes that this should not be a superficial exercise but rather driven through skills development and skills transfer swomen4o that women ascend to these position with capacity to deliver,” chamber spokesman Zingaphi Matanzima as published by Bloomberg.

Susan Shabangu, South Africa’s first women’s affairs minister, highlights the imporatance of improving the role of women in the economy two decades after the establishment of democracy. Especially in South Africa where women earn about 50 percent less than their male counterparts doing the same work, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report in 2013, minister Shabangu has a long path to follow in trying to meet the women3government’s minimum target for the mining industry. By this year, 10 percent for women employed in mining companies, as well as they must receive equal pay as their male counterparts for the same work. Africa’s second-biggest economy has an estimated earned-income female-to-male ratio of 0.52, ranking it 91 out of 134 countries in the world, it said.

 “A lot still needs to be done, not only in the mining industry but also in the automobile industry and other previously male-dominated industries,” Shabangu said. “It’s just unacceptable, 20 years into democracy to still see women getting lower salaries for the same jobs”.women2

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Source: Bloomberg

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Positive Milestone in Mining Industry Announced for 2014

It looks promising to the global mining activity as presented by in the latest study by SNL Metals & Mining. Although slow, the recovery path has already shown showed steady signs of improvement for the first half of the year. According to the Pipeline Activity Index (PAI) – one of the most trusted indicators of the global exploration sector’s overall health – recovery was driven mainly by improved numbers of positive milestone announcements – including several new mines coming onstream.

The industry’s aggregate market cap improved for the sixth month in a row, reaching $1.75 trillion, a 20% increase over December 2013 and the highest level since January 2013. The number and value of positive milestone announcements increased significantly in May-June from the lows seen in the first four months of 2014. The in-situ value of advancing gold announcements was considerably higher than in the March-April period, including production starting at several mines. Base metals announcements also increased over March-April; however, the number of advancing base metals project remained well below historical averages.

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Camilla G.//SMC Editor

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