Renzo Piano’s Whitney Museum

Today Shanghai Metal Corporation brings you to the Big Apple where Italian architect Renzo Piano has recently announced the completion of the project that will host the new Whitney Museum of American Art. The building is “an asymmetric steel and concrete assembly in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District” ( As reported by the Telegraph: in the latest years, the area has undergone considerable transformation: it “has been cleaned up, if not wholly sanitized.” ( The new building designed by Piano ,in collaboration with New York practice Copper Robertson, fits perfectly this renewal plan. Indeed, the district, “formerly a deserted industrial area, is now the place of fashion and art, of technological start-ups and of the trendiest meeting places.” (


Talking about the structure of the museum located along the Hudson River, the Whitney features indoor and outdoor galleries – 50,000+ square feet of indoor galleries + 13,000 square feet of outdoor exhibition space on a series of rooftops (from Moreover, “most impressive is the fifth floor’s showstopping 18,000-square-foot space, the largest column-free museum gallery in New York City”(from Finally, from the glass-doors and the numerous terraces, visitors can enjoy an amazing view of New York and the river.

As Piano said “a successful building always tells a story. You have to be able to produce rich narrative. An architect needs a good story to start with…and a good pen to write it” (form And at Shanghai Metal Corporation we really like this story!


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Metro Stations Are Not Just Rats And Garbage

Metro with its metro stations its a necessary way of transportation in big cities. People usually associate under-ground metro stations with garbage, smell, homeless people, rats, noise and stressed people running to work or school. However some cities in the world can be proud of beautiful architectural stations with an amazing interiors.

T-Centralen, Stockholm, Sweden

In 1950’s artists Vera Nilsson and Siri Derkert suggested that art should be integrated into a new subway system. Nowadays, the whole Stockholm’s Metro system is a large art museum, where every station displays artworks. This is the most beautiful one.

T-Centralen, Stockholm
Komsomolskaya, Moscow, Russia

This metro station in Moscow boasts a huge dome, Corinthian columns and eight ceiling mosaics, depicting Russian heroes. Artists Pavel Korin and architect Alexey Schusev got the Stalin prize for their work.

Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

It is well-known for its “Dome of Light” which is the largest glass work in the world. It is made of 4,500 curved stained glass panels. Formosa Boulevard is the best station for its daylight.

Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

City Hall Station, New York, USA

This is the grandest New York’s subway architecture – arched ceilings peeking through to City Hall Park above.

City Hall Station, New York

Antwerp Central Station, Belgium

Antwerp Central metro Station was awarded by The British-American magazine Mashable as the most beautiful railway station of the world.

Antwerp Central Station, Belgium

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers customers stainless steel widely used for escalators and other applications in under-ground stations, also supplies steel building materials for many projects. For more information visit our website or send us inquiry. English speaking staff will guide you further. Download a new application by scanning QR code below or follow us on Social Media.



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The Many Architectural Applications of Shipping Containers vol.4

The modularity of shipping containers enables creative architects to design beautiful container homes and hotels. Open top containers can be turned into swimming pools. Containers can even be turned to nice pop-up theaters and nightclubs.


In 2013 a local architecture studio O+A designed the architectural setting of the 20th Over het IJ Festival and transformed Amsterdam’s shipyard into a huge restaurant area with theatrical stages. Building the “container city” took four days, and another two days to take down, lasting only two weeks in between. Miami also had its container theater in 2012 when the actors of Microteatro por Dinero started showing 15 minute short dramas in containers.


Besides drama, shipping containers have also been used as movie theaters. Container mini theaters showed short films in New York in 2011. The event was a part of USA Network’s Character Project and it also was supported by the director of the Alien Saga, Ridley Scott. Audience was placed in 18-seat air conditioned screening pods to watch the shorts. The tour also took place in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.


A Singaporean company Venue VBox is using shipping containers to build mobile discotheques. The company’s “Night Box” pop-up nightclub is a container systems that can hold 500 people. Such systems are applied also in other countries. For instance New Orleans’ 2009 and 2010 Voodoo Music experience event has had VIP lounges made of shipping containers. The price, mobility and overall attractiveness makes containers a great solution for all of these applications.

Voodoo Festival 2010

Shanghai Metal Corporation sells many sorts of high-quality shipping containers. They can be easily converted the affordable houses or business facilities. See our webpage for detailed descriptions. Please also visit our social media sites.


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Pictures and original articles:, Intra-plus.comWLRN, N-punto, Broadway World,Gizmag, Wired, Miami New Times, Inhabitat,

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Constructions That Defy the Limits of Shipping Container Architecture

The most shipping container structures consist of only one container. These kind of structures make good micro-homes, offices or pop-up stores. Still, it is more common to build bigger container constructions. What might be the maximum amount of containers one could use for a single building? These examples will lead to the answer.

green design, eco design, sustainable design, Steven C Flum, cargotecture, shipping container apartment complex, shipping container architecture, upcycled shipping containers, Detroit shipping container project, The Power of Green Housing Development

Detroit’s The Power of Green Housing Development will upcycle 93 shipping containers to build the multi-family home complex shown in the picture above. This four-floor house of flats will have 20 residences of one to three bedroom solutions. The residents will also have their own protected parking garage. Its tankless water heating system and ventilation will guarantee low energy costs. (via Inhabitat)

This shipping container complex will have an area of 270,000 sq ft for shipping containers which refers to approximately 700 shipping containers. New York’s SuperPier is US$200 million project that will include a restaurant and a retail complex with bathhouses, sky parks, performance spaces, a rock climbing gym and a garden. The complex will be built to upgrade the existing installation and will be opened during summer 2015. (via Inhabitat)

The complex that New York-based architecture firm LOT-EK is designing in Taiwan, will consist of 1,620 shipping containers. Recycled containers will be the main material for Taichung city’s Cultural Center that will hold art shows and screen films among many other cultural activities. The complex will be built to be eco-friendly by integrating a rainwater reuse system and energy-efficient ventilation/insulation system. (via Inhabitat)

So how large can shipping container complexes become? Well, containers are designed to hold heavy loads of weight on their four corner pillars that allow the piling of several containers. Building tall container towers is limited only by the properties of forklifts and cranes. Because containers are made of a simple steel structure that allows simple operations of cutting and welding, the width of complexes is also not limited.


Actually, some shipping container constructions are built to be expanded as necessary. For instance a container bungalow in Spain shows this example. Therefore, at least in theory, there seems to be no limits for the size of shipping container complexes.

green design, eco design, sustainable design, Steven C Flum, cargotecture, shipping container apartment complex, shipping container architecture, upcycled shipping containers, Detroit shipping container project, The Power of Green Housing Development

No matter how big the world’s shipping container complexes will grow in the future, Shanghai Metal Corporation will keep on providing prefabricated shipping container construction and shipping containers internationally. If your business is need of them, please contact us with this form. Please also follow us on these social media platforms.


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Čo ste o klimatizáciach doteraz nevedeli

Aj keď nie som veľký fanúšik klimatizácie, v niektorých častiach sveta by som sa bez nej zrejme nezaobišla. Niet žiadnych pochýb, že vynález klimatizácie sa považuje za jeden z najdôležitejších v 20.storočí, ktorý ovplyvnil svet, v dobrom aj v zlom. Napriek faktu, že klimatizácia nám potichu hučí v pozadí, veľa toho o nej nevieme.

Základné fakty o klimatizácii

Willis Carrier

Prvá moderná klimatizácia bola vyvinutá Willisom Carrierom v roku 1902 pre nakladateľskú spoločnosť v Brooklyne. Teplota a vlhkosť sa udržovali na nízkych hodnotách, aby sa papier nescvrkol alebo nezväčšil. Klimatizácia prvotne nebola určená pre komfort ľudí.

Každá klimatizácia sa skladá zo 4 častí : čerpadlo, výparník, kondenzátor a expanzný ventil.  Väčšina klimatizácií je na začiatku procesu len surový materiál vo forme oceľových plátov. Keď tieto oceľové pláty putujú do výroby, režú sa, formujú či ohýnajú do užitočných tvarov. Klimatizácia sa vyrába z pozinkovanej ocele, ktorá ju chráni pred koróziou.

All air conditioners have four basic components: pump, evaporator, condenser, and expansion valve. Hot refrigerant vapor is pumped at high pressure through the condenser, where it gives off heat to the atmosphere by condensing into a liquid. The cooled refrigerant then passes through the expansion valve, which lowers the pressure of the liquid. The liquid refrigerant now enters the evaporator, where it will take heat from the room and change into a gaseous state. This part of the cycle releases cool air into the air-conditioned building. The hot refrigerant vapor is then ready to repeat the cycle.
Air conditioner

Zaujímavé fakty o klimatizácii

  • prvé verejné priestory, ktoré mali klimatizáciu boli kiná. Počas horúcich letných dní, boli kiná najchladnejším miestom v meste, takže si asi viete predstaviť tie zástupy ľudí. Filmové štúdia začali dávať do kín najlepšie produkcie počas letných mesiacov, a tak vznikli letné trháky.
  • každý rok Spojené štáty americké použijú rovnaké množstvo energie na chod klimatizácií ako Afrika použije na chod celého kontinentu.
  • predstavenie klimatizácie v skutočnosti znížilo prirodzenú ľudskú toleranciu voči teplu.
  • prvá budova, ktorá použila klimatizáciu, bola budova New York Stock Exchange v roku 1903
  • po tom, čo klimatizácia prišla na svet, sa dizajnovanie a stavanie domov či budov zmenilo. Tehlové štruktúry s vysokými stropmi, verandami a pasážami, ktoré prinášali tieň ich obyvateľom už nie sú v móde.

Shanghai Metal Corporation tiež používa klimatizáciu, no zároveň predáva pozinkovanú oceľ, oceľové pláty a iné kovové produkty. Pre viac informácií navštívte webové stránky alebo nám zašlite dopyt. Stiahnite si tiež aplikáciu oskenovaním QR kódu.

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Shipping Containers And Other Amazing Swimming Pools

Swimming pools seem to be a symbol of luxury that every high-end real estate must have. A simple container of water that gives people a relaxing sensation can be designed in many ways. The world has its crazy examples.

The Cage of Death in Darwin Australia lets the swimmers swim in an underwater glass cage that is surrounded by 18-foot alligators. The attraction in Crocosaurus Cove operates 12 times a day, letting visitors take a 15 minute dive with the crocs.

The Infinity Pool in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands hotel lets its guests swim on the roof of the 150 meter tall 5-star hotel. The pool designed by Moshe Safdie is the world’s largest at this height and offers the best city-skyline view of Singapore.

If you are visiting Dallas, getting a room in Joule Hotel would be a great option. The special thing about the hotel is its rooftop swimming pool that goes beyond the edge of the hotel’s wall. Guests will enjoy the spectacular view from the plexiglass window at the far end of the pool. The Pool is also heated to perfection and offers the ideal place for perfect relaxation.


In case of building pop-up swimming pools, shipping containers are the right material. Shipping container pools have attracted crowd in many public events. For instance the fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger introduced a container swimming pool in Berlin’s Bread and Butter fashion trade show in 2011. Also the city of New York has arranged some container pool parties in Manhattan.


As mentioned in our previous articles, shipping containers are an instance of modest luxury because they allow even lower and middle income households to build a home or a summer house with a swimming pool. An experimental architect Stefan Beese set us an example when he used less than US$7,000 to build a fantastic swimming pool in his New Orleans home. (read more)


Even though shipping containers are a really simple structured construction material, their application is limited only by human imagination. The facilities that used to be expensive are now getting cheaper thanks to shipping containers. Some people say that heating the water in swimming pools is expensive. Could heat absorbing metal containers be the solution?


If you are interested in building shipping container swimming pools, we in Shanghai Metal Corporation are really glad to help you. Our variety of shipping containers is wide as we show in our webpage. In order to offer you a right solution, just send us an inquiry and our English speaking staff will give you assistance. Also remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Pictures and original articles: Crocosaurus Cove, Marina Bay Sands, The Joule Hotel,

Lamps can have a soul

Last time I wanted to buy a lamp, interesting, functional, eco-friendly, “with a soul”. I went to a shop and I looked around. Nothing. Is it really hard to make things in a different way? All you need is just some creativity.

Lamps made from used coffee filters

nice lamp

Many cities all over the world are full of coffee fans. Small cafes or Starbucks everywhere. Now one designer from New York collects and converts old coffee filters and recycles them to make beautiful lampshades. Because of the soft tones from the coffee stains, lamp gives a romantic low-light.


Lamps made from electrical parts, pipe fittings and vintage lamps

One company in United States, Lamp Revival, creates unique lamps out of old materials. Their 2 very impressive and successful creations were Fred Astaire lamp when they used pipe fittings with sheet metal and Ginger Rogers lamp, using two recycled glass shades.


Lamps made from steel steamers

Designer Nadia Belalia deconstructed the lowly kitchen utensil into stunning lamps. She works with classic collapsible steamers and takes the natural geometry of the perforated steel wings and expands them into satisfying shapes.


Lamps made with wine bottles

Designer John Meng has created gorgeous and green lamps made with wine bottles. Those amazing lamps serve as a nice interior decoration for home or office.


Shanghai Metal Corporation offers not only steel products but also a pipe embossing machine which is suitable for construction and decoration, lamps, lightning, golf clubs and many others. For more information please don’t hesitate and visit our website or send us inquiry. Our English speaking staff will gladly answer all your questions. We will be happy if you also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LindkedIn. You could also download a new application by scanning QR code below.




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Miss Liberty Chopped Up and Found All Over NYC

It may sound absurd but it’s true. Pieces of the Miss Liberty’s body can be found scattered across two boroughs in NYC. But don’t worry! This is only a replica of the Statue of Liberty as the original one still stands untouched on its very Liberty Island since given as a gift by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in 1886.

danh vo situates full-scale statue of liberty segments around NYC

Creator of ‘We the people’ collection, Vietnamese artist Danh Vo spent the last four years recreating the statue in 250 full-scale individual pieces. “I wanted to do something that everyone had a relationship to, and make it a bit unfamiliar. It’s kind of like creating a Frankenstein that gets its own life”, says Vo.

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

Using the same fabrication techniques and copper material as the original Lady Liberty, the artwork was “conceived in Germany, fabricated in Shanghai, supported by his French gallery, collections and art institutions worldwide, and dispersed to exhibition venues in more than 15 countries”, explains Vo.

danh vo places full-scale deconstructed statue of liberty around NYC

“When Bartholdi created the Statue of Liberty…he created an image and a political agenda,” adds Vo. “What I’m doing with it is a shift of scale and shift of meaning.” He added that his work “is more a project that should evoke discussion in the place that it is exhibited. And we’ll have to wait to see what that will be”.

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

In collaboration with Public Art Fund 53 colossal fragments of Liberty can be found at Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park until December 5th 2014. ‘We the people’ collection presents nearly a fifth of Vo’s project and comprises body parts of the Miss Liberty such as the statue’s right sleeve, the one that covers her right bearing arm, the ear of the statue placed beneath the cornerstone of the historic building, and links of the chain found at the feet.

danh vo places full-scale deconstructed statue of liberty around NYC

“When you’re looking at a massive piece of copper that you have a very intimate relationship [with] right in front of you,” says Andira Hickey, the Public Art Fund’s associate curator, “and see it completely transformed into a full figure that you can recognize in the distance, it’s such an evocative metaphor for the multitude of perspectives you can have of an icon like that.”

If you are not a private collector this is a great opportunity to come very close to Miss Liberty and experience the magnificence of the statue. And if you look carefully enough you might be able to recognize the dismantled pieces of the Statue of Liberty as you know.

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers a wide range of metals such as copper, widely used in artistic artifacts. To find out more, please visit our Website or send your inquiry here. Our English speaking professionals will be more than pleased to help you. Follow us on  LinkedInTwitter, FacebookInstagram and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

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danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

danh vo deconstructs statue of liberty in NYC for we the people

Poďme cvičiť jogu na moste alebo v metre

Joga je séria fyzických, duševných a spirituálnych cvičení, ktoré posilňujú a transformujú dušu a telo. Ak teda ľudia spomenú slovo joga, v mysli sa mi vybaví tiché a pokojné miesto, kde môžeme relaxovať a meditovať. Avšak, najnovší trend je úplnym opakom toho, čo si myslím,

Joga v metre

instragram-yoga-4 (1)Joga nadšenci v tzv. Veľkom Jablku (New York) začali cvičiť jogu po celom meste, ale prekvapivo nie v posilňovniach ani v parkoch, ale v metre. Pravdepodobne si viete predstaviť ten ranný zhon, chaos a tisícky ľudí premiestňujúcich sa do práce či do školy. Týmto fanúšikom “metro jogy” vôbec neprekáža špinavá podlaha, nie to ľudia, ktorí  si na nich idú oči vyočiť. Jednoducho sa naťahujú, cvičia pozdrav slnka buď na podložkách alebo priamo na sedadlách.


Hoci cvičenie jogy v metre vyzerá zaujímavo a môže byť istým “adrenalínovým” športom, nie všetci cestujúci sú tým nadšení. Na základe sťažností v roku 2014 zatkli 240 akrobatov a joga nadšencov. (source)

Joga na moste

Natasha-Maui-yoga-retreats-down-dogČo je správne miesto na cvičenie jogy? Predsa most! V Dallase, Texas, majú hodiny jogy na oceľovom moste s výhľadom na celé centrum mesta. Tak môžete prospievať svojmu zdraviu a popritom byť na jedinečnom mieste. Oceľové mosty teda majú ďalšiu funkciu – cvičenie jogy či iných športov.


Pozrite sa tiež na webové stránky spoločnosti Shanghai Metal Corporation, ktorá projektuje oceľové mosty a nadchody. Môžete nám poslať požiadavku a nasledovať nás na Facebook, Instagram, LindkedIn alebo Twitter. Oskenujte si aj QR kód čím si stiahnete našu novú aplikáciu. Anglicky hovoriaci personál vám ochotne zodpovie akúkoľvek otázku.

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The newest fitness craze – “Bridge yoga” and “Subway yoga”

Yoga is a set of psychical, mental and spiritual exercises and practices that transform your body and mind.  So when people say “yoga” I think of a calm, peaceful place where we meditate and relax. However, the hottest trend is completely different from the way I think.

Yoga on subway 

instragram-yoga-4 (1)The “Big Apple” yoga enthusiasts started to practice yoga all over New York, surprisingly not in gyms or parks but on subway!  You have probably experienced rush mornings, chaos and masses moving to work or school. They don’t care about dirty floor, people staring at them, they just twist, bend, stretch. Some of them with yoga mats lay down to do sun salutation. some just simply practice on seats or around poles.


Although doing yoga on subway might seem very interesting, not everybody is happy about that. As the result of complaints there have been 240 subway acrobats and yoga enthusiasts arrested in 2014 so far. (source)

Yoga on bridge

Natasha-Maui-yoga-retreats-down-dogWhat is the right place for practicing yoga? A bridge!In Dallas, Texas, they started to make yoga classes on the steel bridge with view over the city. You can benefit your spiritual and physical wellness and yet be at the spectacular place. So steel bridges can also serve us as a place for doing sports and having fun.


Let’s also have a look on Shanghai Metal Corporation’s website with its new projects, steel bridges and metro pedestrian bridges. You can send us inquiry or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LindkedIn or Twitter. You could also download our new app by scanning QR code. Our English speaking staff will be more than glad to help you and answer your questions

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